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Bus drivers are the wind beneath the Windy City’s wings. They keep Chicago in motion, getting people to the places where they need to be – whether it’s work, school, or famous points of interest.

It’s a stressful job, though, and sometimes a dangerous one. Employers ask their bus drivers to spend very long hours on the road, battling some of the worst traffic in the country.

The conditions can be perilous – both on the bus and off – and accidents happen.

When Chicago bus drivers suffer an injury related to their job duties, they are often entitled to financial compensation. That compensation can include much more than the immediate medical bills, though those are typically covered, as well.

Getting your hands on that reimbursement isn’t easy, though. Compensation for injured bus drivers in Illinois is usually administered by the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission – the agency that most people simply call “Workers’ Comp.”

Illinois Workers’ Comp law is complicated and confusing. Even the Commission’s own experts have a hard time navigating it. Complex paperwork, rigid timelines, demanding notice requirements, and a sea of red tape all stand in your way.

Accordingly, injured bus drivers frequently receive far less than they deserve. That isn’t fair. You went to work like you were supposed to, surrendering your time and services to your employer, and you suffered an injury as a result. Why should you be asked to bear the burden of that injury?

Malman Law is an experienced Illinois personal injury law firm that stands up for the rights of injured employees in the Windy City and beyond.

If you’ve been injured, while working as a bus driver or transportation employee, a Chicago Workers’ Comp attorney in our office can help.

You may be entitled to much more than you realize. Victims frequently receive far too little when filing Workers’ Comp claims in our state. Some even have their claims wrongfully denied because of an oversight or technical error.

Malman Law can help you navigate the system from beginning to end. Our team can handle everything – the paperwork, the phone calls, the filing deadlines, the notice requirements, the appeals, etc. The sooner we get involved with your claim, the better.

We’re often able to get our clients greater compensation than they might have recovered on their own. Occasionally, we can even seek compensation outside of the state’s Workers’ Compensation system.

Let us help. Contact a Chicago Workers’ Compensation lawyer in our office today.

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