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Driving a cab in and around Chicago and Northern Illinois is extremely demanding work — perhaps even more difficult than driving a cab around Manhattan, due to the relatively nonsensical layout of the Chicago road system. If you or a friend or family member has been injured while driving a cab, connect today with the peerless Illinois workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers of Malman Law, PC. Since 1994, we’ve provided resources and winning strategies to more than 20,000 area claimants. Not only do we understand workers’ compensation and personal injury law backwards and forwards — particularly as it relates to motor vehicle incidents — but we also provide a no-fee guarantee. This means you don’t have to risk your own money in order to pursue complicated but necessary legal action to ensure that you get due payments and benefits.

Although being a taxi driver is not quite as dangerous as Robert De Niro’s 1976 portrayal of Travis Bickle (in the movie Taxi Driver) would have you believe, hazards associated with the job are omnipresent:

1. First of all, there is always the ongoing threat of motor vehicle accidents. Unlike workers in other professions, who spend but a fraction of their hours on the road, cab drivers spend all of their billable hours on surface streets or highways. This additional road time dramatically increases the likelihood that they will get into collisions — even if they are extremely mindful while driving.

2. Second, the repetitive nature of the work can lead to overuse injuries. Sitting for hours at a time in a position that strains the lower back can lead to sciatica, for instance. Gripping the wheel too tightly can cause carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.

3. Passengers themselves present potential hazards. Passengers can rob, assault, distract, and infect drivers. Even friendly, healthy fares can cause problems by sending drivers into unfamiliar territory, such as bad neighborhoods or construction zones.

4. Since many cabbies work as independent contractors, they may not have the same kinds of insurance protections and benefits that workers in other industries do.

Given the risks and the lack of a systematic corporate structure to help cab drivers navigate benefits programs, it often behooves drivers to speak to our Illinois personal injury and workers’ compensation lawyers at Malman Law. Make the call today — let us advocate for you and stand up for you against uncaring insurance companies and employers.

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