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Whiplash is an injury to the soft tissues of your neck that occurs when your head is thrown violently backward and then forward again, as often occurs during a car accident. In some circles, however, the word “whiplash” it is so synonymous with bogus personal injury claims that it has become a joke. Anyone who has ever suffered whiplash, however, will tell you that whiplash is no laughing matter.

The Problem With Insurance Companies

Most neck injury claims are paid by insurance companies, typically auto insurance companies. Despite their efforts to convince you that they are a good neighbor for a friend in need, the reality is that their interests are directly adverse to yours. The more money they pay you the less money they can keep, and vice versa. Here are some of their favorite tricks:

  • Bait and switch: Agreeing to accept liability and then partially backing off later, after you have already incurred expenses (“But this procedure was unnecessary…”)
  • Rushing to the hospital to get your signature on an inadequate settlement agreement while you are still in shellshock from the accident that injured you.
  • Sweet-talking you into thinking that you don’t need a lawyer.

The Malman Law Difference

Unlike insurance companies, our interests are not adverse to yours. In fact, they are in complete harmony. We have seen to that by arranging our fee structure so that you will owe us nothing until your money actually arrives. At that point, your legal fee is calculated as a percentage of your recovery. We don’t make money unless you do, and that’s just the way we like it.

Client Testimonial

“This firm has gone above and beyond to keep me updated and get answers to my questions at any time, weekends included! Malman Law rules in my opinion!” – Cheryl Wagemann

Our Practice Areas

The basic principles of personal injury law are largely the same no matter how you are injured. Below is a partial list of the types of cases we handle:

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