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The Illinois Workers Compensation Act and the Federal Employees’ Compensation Act provide benefits to government workers who suffer job-related injuries and illnesses. If you are a government employee who has gotten sick or injured on the job, the attorneys at Malman Law will make sure that you receive fair compensation.

As a public servant, you play an important role in our society. Government employees in all occupations and professions help keep our city, our state, and our country running, while providing essential services ranging from fire and rescue to mail delivery.

Unfortunately, government employees are no more immune to job-related illness and injuries than anyone else. In fact, in many government occupations, workers face unique risks not faced by workers in commercial industries. At Malman Law, we are committed to helping injured and sick government employees by making sure that they receive the financial benefits they deserve.

Government Workers We Serve

Our attorneys have decades of experience representing government and private-sector employees in workers’ compensation claims throughout the Chicagoland area. The government employees we serve include, but are not limited to:

  • Fire and rescue workers
  • Maintenance and utility workers
  • Members of the Illinois National Guard
  • Office employees
  • Police and other law enforcement officers
  • Postal workers

The Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act covers Illinois state employees as well as employees of the City of Chicago and other cities, towns, counties, school districts and municipalities. Benefits available under the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Act include coverage for medical expenses, missed time from work, and other losses. The Federal Employees’ Compensation Act provides similar benefits for postal workers and federal employees.

However, even though payment of these benefits is mandated by law, many federal, state, and local employees struggle to collect the benefits that they are rightfully owed. At Malman Law, we will fight to secure maximum compensation for your job-related illness or injury.

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