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Illinois and Chicago healthcare workers are our state’s front-line defense in the war against disease and injury. But what happens when these skilled workers are hurt on the job? Who pays for their treatment, rehabilitation, and benefits?

Most often, the answer is the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission, a state organization that provides financial benefits to qualifying, injured employees.

Like most other states, Illinois set up a Workers’ Comp program in an effort to cut down on litigation and to make the compensation process more predictable and reliable for everyone involved. Unfortunately, as noble as those intentions might have been, the effort hasn’t been entirely successful.

Healthcare Workers Often Receive Inadequate Compensation. We Can Help.

Workers’ Comp is complicated. The forms are confusing and poorly explained. The process is rigorous and time-consuming. The margins for error are small. Anyone – even people as knowledgeable and highly educated as those working in the healthcare sector – can make big mistakes.

As Chicago healthcare Workers’ Comp lawyers, we realize that numerous, legitimate compensation claims end up rejected by the state commission – even claims from clearly injured doctors, nurses, paramedics, pharmacists, therapists, and more. Many of these denials are wrongful or errant.

Moreover, those who have their claims accepted are often offered far too little money.

As healthcare professionals, you know better than anyone how costly medical care can be in Illinois. We believe that your compensation should reflect the costs of your treatment and rehabilitation, as well as the value of your related losses and suffering.

Fortunately, if you’ve been offered inadequate compensation or wrongfully denied, there’s still hope.

The Chicago healthcare Workers’ Comp lawyers at Malman Law can handle the whole process for you, improving your chances of more comprehensive compensation, keeping you in compliance with the law, and even demanding additional compensation outside of the Workers’ Comp system whenever the facts and the law allow.

We will aggressively pursue the compensation that you deserve. After all, you went to work to help other people in our state. Now it’s time for your work and the state to help you.


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