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Damage to your internal organs can have serious immediate and long-term risks. If you suffered internal organ damage in a work-related accident in the Chicagoland area, Malman Law can help you seek rightful compensation.

When you are involved in a work-related accident, it is important to seek medical attention as soon as possible. There are many reasons why, but one of the most important is that – whether the accident involved a collision, impact, or slip-and-fall – you could have suffered dangerous internal injuries. In particular, internal organ damage can be an extremely serious injury that can quickly become much worse without a proper diagnosis and medical care.

Unfortunately, in many cases, employers and their insurance companies make it difficult and confusing for workers to get the help they need after a job-related injury. Obtaining workers’ compensation benefits can be even more of a challenge. At Malman Law, we have decades of experience helping injured Chicago workers get the medical treatment and receive the financial benefits they deserve.

Types of Internal Organ Damage

Internal organs are both vital and extremely delicate. All types of trauma can lead to serious injuries, whether resulting from the trauma directly or as a result of some other injury, such as a displaced broken bone. Some of the most common trauma-related types of internal organ damage include:

  • Abdominal Aortic Rupture – Abdominal impacts can lead to aortic aneurysms; and, in severe cases, the aorta can rupture. This is an extremely serious medical condition that requires emergency surgery.
  • Damage Caused by Broken Ribs – Rib fractures are common injuries in vehicle collisions and other accidents, and in many cases broken ribs can puncture the internal organs.
  • Kidney Damage – Kidney damage is common in accidents that result in blunt trauma to the abdomen. If not treated, it is possible for some kidney injuries to result in renal failure.
  • Liver or Bowel Damage – Located in the abdomen, the liver and bowels perform essential bodily functions. When damaged in an accident, the consequences can often be severe.
  • Ruptured Spleen – The spleen is also located in the abdomen, and it is also susceptible to damage in a traumatic accident. In many cases, removal of the spleen is necessary for a successful recovery.

At Malman Law, we represent clients who have suffered these and other types of internal organ damage in claims for workers’ compensation.

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