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Workers’ Compensation for Injured Nurses in Chicago, Illinois

Nursing is hard and dangerous work.

After all, nurses face the same hazards that any other blue- or white-collar worker would face: Non-ergonomic workstations, tripping hazards, environmental toxins, and the like.

But at the same time, they also face a whole host of career-specific hazards – unique perils that are nearly exclusive to the medical field.

Sick patients can transmit everything from the flu or skin infections to bacterial illnesses. Dangerous compounds like benzene, heavy metals, or poisons can spill or make skin contact. Some can even explode.

In America, nurses tend to work under extremely stressful conditions and wildly unstable work schedules. The stress alone can cause high levels of cortisol in their bodies, leading to profoundly negative physiological consequences, both in the short- and long-term.

Sleep deprivation, depression, fatigue, and contentious encounters with patients, family members, or coworkers take their toll too.

These are real hardships that often warrant doctor’s visits and/or medical treatment. After all, care providers need care for themselves too. We’re all human.

In Illinois, the state Workers’ Comp system was set up to help nurses recover financial compensation for their injuries. But filing for that recovery is extremely difficult, and it’s easy to make mistakes. Even medical professionals often have their claims unfairly diminished or denied without an advocate on their side.

At Malman Law, we can help you file for Workers’ Comp effectively. That means completing the right forms, submitting them at the right times, and saying the right things.

Remember: If you miss notice or filing deadlines, say the wrong things to the insurance company, or even leave out information on your claims forms, you could unwittingly imperil your claim, or otherwise land in hot water. It happens more often than you might think.

As Chicago healthcare Workers’ Comp lawyers, it is our job to maximize our clients’ compensation wherever possible. We work hard to put our clients’ interests first and get them the money that they deserve.

The Occupational Risks of Nursing

Despite dedicating their careers to helping people heal, nurses often get the short end of the stick when it comes to collecting benefits.

That isn’t fair. At Malman Law, we understand that nursing is a high-risk profession, and that injured healthcare workers deserve compensation for the hardships that they incur in the service of others. We’re here to fight for their rights.

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