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Ever since Absalom Wells settled in the Chicago Heights area in the early 1830’s, the region has served as a crossroads for traders, travelers, and recreation seekers. Over the past hundred and sixty plus years, Chicago Heights has witnessed phenomenal demographic fluxes, cultural changes, and economic growth and retraction. Today, Chicago Heights is home to just about 32,000 people (according to a 2005 local census) and supports a variety of schools, industrial developments, and parks. Chicago Heights offers world cuisine (including Polish, Italian, African American, and Irish influences), fun winter sporting events, and diverse architecture.

All that said, Chicago Heights can be a challenging and potentially dangerous city. In the 1960’s, for instance, local Civil Rights protests led to widespread fighting. During the winter, temperatures here can reach bitterly cold levels, and precipitation blowing in off of Lake Michigan can create hazardous road conditions. Slip and fall injuries can lead to broken bones, contusions, paralysis, and even death. Accidents near Parker Junior High, Bloom High School, and Prairie State Community College occur with some frequency, particularly during the cold months while school’s in session.

Whether you believe that the doctor who treated you at St. James Hospital may have committed some kind of malpractice, or you’re simply seeking advice about how to get compensation for injuries you suffered in a truck accident on Lincoln Highway, Malman Law may be able to point you in the right direction. Since 1994, our attorneys have battled hard for injury victims in Chicago Heights and across the northern Illinois region. Steven has helped over 5,000 clients – and he and his team feel equally comfortable settling matters out of court and hashing them out at trail. The law firm works hard to make clients feel welcomed and empowered. Given how stressful your Chicago Heights injury accident most likely has been, the last thing you want is to have to parse and execute your own legal strategy.

Malman Law can put the pieces together for you and provide a zero fee guarantee. This means that if the injury firm cannot collect for you via a settlement or a trial victory, you do not have to pay anything.

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