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Friday, December 6, 2019

Diversity Scholarship Foundation

Scholarship Opportunities Since 2006, the Diversity Scholarship Foundation, NFP has provided scholarships and opportunities to law students of diverse backgrounds. The annual Unity Dinner serves as the main fundraiser for these scholarships. Each year, our legal community has joined together to raise enough funds to provide an increasing number of scholarships. The scholarships we offer run the gamut of those students interested in public service upon graduation to those who are leaders and achievers in the legal community.

Our scholarships are open to all who are dedicated to having our legal community represent the community at large. Promoting Diversity in the Legal Community is a main component of the Unity Dinner is the ceremonial swearing-in of bar presidents. Bar presidents from organizations across the Seventh Circuit are provided with the opportunity to participate in reciting the “Oath of Unity” in which they pledge to promote diversity and inclusion within the legal profession. The bar presidents also participate in a “Parade of Bar Presidents” where they are introduced and are congratulated for their efforts in promoting diversity and inclusion.

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