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Has the neglect or abuse of others resulted in injury, suffering or medical expenses? Let our West Garfield Park personal injury lawyers protect your rights and grant you the compensation you deserve.

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Finding the Right Injury Lawyer in West Garfield Park

You need a personal injury law firm willing to go the extra mile for you. Our clients matter. Victims of injury claims deserve the respect and undeterred attention our staff provides. Our experienced injury attorneys understand intimately the suffering and pain involved in such cases and work towards a quick resolution to your claim. As with all our clientele, West Garfield Park residents are offered our Zero-Fee Guarantee. You pay nothing if we are unable to collect for you. Combined with our 95% success rate, we know we’ll bring you the maximum compensation you’re entitled to.

When Health Care Fails You

Medical malpractice and elder abuse is a sad reality. Our medically trained staff is taught to look for the signs and guide you through these tragic cases. A failure to recognize or report these violations is far too common. Protect yourself or your loved ones and contact one of our specialists for a free legal consultation. Don’t let the neglect and failures of the medical industry continue to harm those in their trusted care.

West Garfield Park Injury Lawyers You Can Trust

Malman Law has helped over 10,000 clients in the Chicago area since 1994. The accumulated knowledge and experience has positioned our firm as a leader in legal representation in West Garfield Park and surrounding areas. Our offices are located in downtown Chicago a couple short blocks from the courthouse. Plenty of parking is available for visits to speak to your counsel, and public transportation is readily available. For those too injured, at no cost to you, our staff will visit you at home or at your hospital room. Contact us for a free case evaluation and depend on a firm capable of providing the care you deserve.

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