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Chicago Auto Injury Lawyer Explains the Importance of Post-Accident Documentation

If you’re in an auto accident and you aren’t sure if you need an attorney, it may depend on a number of different things—particularly, who may be at fault and who may be injured.

Even if the other party involved in the accident seems cordial in the immediate aftermath, if you let your guard down, you could be left holding the bag for your own injuries. Personal injuries and their consequences following an accident can be devastating, so don’t give anyone the benefit of the doubt—if you suspect fault or injury, you should contact an auto injury attorney soon.

Playing It Safe at the Scene

The immediate aftermath of an auto accident is when you have to be the most diligent. If you suspect that the other party was at fault, or that you or someone else from your vehicle has been injured, you need to do two things: Call the police, and document everything. The information that you document will represent much of what your accident lawyer is able to use should you pursue a case, so don’t leave anything out. Take photos, get contact information for any witnesses, and don’t leave the scene of the accident.

When the police come, give a statement and encourage anyone else present to do the same. If you suspect that the other driver is unfit to drive—if you suspect they are under the influence, for example—the police may perform a sobriety test or otherwise assess them. If you suspect injury, go to the hospital as soon as possible. A doctor’s professional opinion is useful to an auto injury attorney.

Contacting an Accident Lawyer

When you have all of your information compiled, including medical records and insurance information, contact an accident lawyer for a consultation. This is vital to pursuing damages for any suffering you have been caused as a direct result of the accident, like lost income from an inability to work or medical bills. This is why it’s important to document that information early and thoroughly—it gives an auto injury attorney the tools that they need to take on the case and get you the compensation you deserve.

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