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Since Dunning is home to some of our current and former clients, we are in the area frequently. They hail from all over the district including Schorsch Village, Belmont Heights, Belmont Terrace, Irving Woods and the Schorsch Irving Park Gardens Historic District. One experience they all share in common is the experience of being injured by someone else’s misconduct.

Maybe you are in the same situation. If you are, our sympathies are with you. After 23 years of practicing personal injury law on behalf of over 20,000 injured clients, it is not hard for us to imagine the pain, shock, and confusion you must be going through right now.

We’re Here to Fight for Your Rights

Here at Malman Law, personal injury law is not just our job – it’s our mission. It angers us to watch our clients suffer, and it angers us, even more, when stingy insurance companies and evasive defendants attempt to avoid their responsibilities. You have a right to compensation under Illinois law, and we won’t let anyone take that away from you. Nobody messes with our clients.

95 is Your Lucky Number

95 is the percentage of our clients’ cases that we win. Coincidentally, 95 also happens to represent the percentage of our winning cases that are resolved through private settlement, rather than through a jury verdict. That means that you probably won’t have to testify in court to obtain full compensation for your injury.

Even though your claim probably won’t end up at trial, it may turn out that we need to file a lawsuit to motivate the defendant to submit a serious settlement offer. That’s OK, because a settlement can still be negotiated during the time before the trial is scheduled – in fact, negotiations tend to be quite productive during this period.

A Word From One of Our Clients

The Malman Law team is exceptional. Knows personal injury law, very responsive to my personal worker’s comp case, recovered money I thought I would never see. And it happened twice as fast as I thought it would. Thank you, Malman Law. – Malman Law Client

Types of Cases We Handle

Following are a few of the areas of personal injury law that we practice in:

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