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You Are Entitled to More Than Simple Reimbursement of Your Medical Expenses

Not only are you entitled to past, present, and estimated future medical expenses, you are also entitled to everything you lost as a result of the accident. How long did you have to take off work to recover? You are entitled to full compensation for your lost earnings. Did you incur child care expenses while you were in the hospital? You are entitled to reimbursement for that as well.

That’s not all – not necessarily, anyway. You are also entitled to compensation for your pain and suffering. Although there is no easy way to put a dollar value on something as intangible as pain and suffering, in some cases pain and suffering compensation amounts to several times the amount awarded for medical expenses.

Malman Law Can Help You Calculate the True Value of Your Claim

Insurance companies, in particular, absolutely love unrepresented claimants. These poor people almost always drastically underestimate the value of their personal injury claim. Our East Garfield Park personal injury lawyers won’t underestimate it, though.

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