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Farmers Insurance Group operates through 50,000 agents and more than 20,000 employees. While its claim to be the “Smart Choice in Auto Insurance” may very well be accurate, it is important that you remember the fundamental reality of insurance claims – insurance companies lose money when they pay out claims. This is the inherent conflict of interest of the insurance industry. Consequently, it is unlikely that you will receive a simple “yes” answer to your claim. To obtain the amount you deserve, you’re going to have to negotiate for it, sue for it, or both. Under certain circumstances, such as long-term injury, you may not even know how to calculate the value of your claim – and, dangerously, you might not even realize that you are entitled to more than you think you are.

It’s Not the Same with Us

Unlike insurance companies, we suffer from no conflict of interest with our clients, because we’ve set it up differently. You will owe us no upfront fees, and you will never owe us anything at all for our services until we bring home compensation for you. If we fail to do so (only about five percent of the time), you will owe us nothing for the entire case. That is our Zero Fee Guarantee.

Settling Out of Court

At Malman Law, we understand that financial pressures are bearing down on you at the worst possible moment, and we understand that you may need money fast. We also understand that if you give in to the temptation to accept a quick but inadequate settlement, you might grievously regret it later. Consequently, from the moment we take your case, we will be seeking a quick but generous settlement for you. Insurance companies know and fear our trial lawyers, and they are almost always willing to settle at some point, just to avoid messing with us in court. But, if they do insist on a trial (about five percent of the time), we will be ready to fight to victory for you.

Two of Our Success Stories

  • “This firm has gone above and beyond to keep me updated and get answers to my questions at any time, weekends included! Malman Law rules in my opinion!” – Cheryl Wagemann
  • “Two years ago, I was involved in a trucking accident involving a 14-wheeler truck that nearly disabled me for life. Steve fought to make sure that I received the most possible compensation for my injuries. I was about to take the insurance company’s lowball offer, but decided to call Steve first – it was the best decision I’ve made yet.” – Malman Law Client

Some of the Areas of Law We Practice

Vehicle accidents: Most car accidents are caused by the fault of one of the drivers, or by defective equipment such as worn tires or faulty brakes. Many motorcycle and bicycle accidents are caused simply because motorists are not watching out for them. We can help you trace the cause of the accident and win compensation.

Nursing home abuse: Nursing home abuse can take the form of a positive act (striking or sexually abusing a patient, for example) or an omission (failing to turn the patient over in bed, for example, resulting in bedsores). Psychological abuse is also distressingly common. One common approach in nursing home abuse claims is to identify a regulatory violation.

Workers’ Compensation: An Illinois workers’ compensation claim works differently than other types of personal injury claims – on one hand, there is no need to prove fault; on the other hand, compensation rules and filing deadlines can be disadvantageous to you. We can help you successfully navigate the bureaucratic maze.

Medical malpractice: Health care providers have a well-deserved reputation for fighting hard against malpractice claims. Add to this the fact that many malpractice claims involve complex scientific issues, and a skilled malpractice lawyer is probably going to be a necessity if you want to maximize your chances of full compensation.

Slip and fall accidents: A loose stairway railing or a wet floor can lead to a debilitating accident, especially if you are elderly. Your chances of having an actionable slip and fall claim rise substantially if you were a customer in a business establishment or a guest in a private home at the time of the accident.

Wrongful death: Any personal injury claim can become a wrongful death claim if the victim dies from the injury. In Illinois, certain close relatives are entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit on behalf of the deceased victim.  Claim values can be quite substantial, especially if the victim was a young wage earner with financial dependents.

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