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Although identity theft is rampant among people of all ages, financial exploitation is certainly a crime where people over the age of 60 are the common target.

And even more accurately – residents of nursing homes. As technology grows financial exploitation of the elderly grows as well. Thieves have access to more electronic information than ever before and an elderly person’s unfamiliarity with modern technology helps them easily gather bank account numbers and other personal information. The good news is there are Elgin nursing home attorneys out there who can have the guilty party brought to justice and also do their best to recover the funds as well. Here is some important information everyone should know about this troubling epidemic:

Signs of Nursing Home Financial Exploitation

There are many emotional and documentable red flags to indicate financial exploitation. As for emotional signs, look for a newfound anxiety about finances in your loved ones. Are they ashamed or worried when they never were before? Some victims even get angry or unwilling to discuss finances at all. The traceable signs of financial exploitation may be more obvious but they won’t be noticeable if you don’t look for them. Uncharacteristic and unexplained credit card charges are common and Elgin nursing home lawyers have even found multiple accounts opened in the victim’s name. If you suspect anything always be sure to review bank account balances and look for missing checks.

Types of Nursing Home Financial Exploitation

Financial exploitation is a lot more than a staff member stealing a credit card out of a purse. If a senior has nowhere else to store their personal identification, they may have all of their personal documents in their possession. If a staff member has access to Social Security cards, birth certificates, and passports they can open accounts and steal their identity altogether. Other valuables including jewelry and spending cash are quick grabs for these thieves and they won’t stop until they’re caught. Elder care lawyers have even found staff members creating fake charities and keeping the “donations” for themselves.


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