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The human body is so fragile that it is surprising that we stay healthy as long as we do. A personal injury can happen in a myriad of ways, from a car accident on the Eden Expressway to a dog bite in your next-door neighbor’s front yard. Many of these accidents are unavoidable, but a legal claim arises when one person carelessly (or intentionally) injures another.

Most Personal Injury Claims Are Settled Out of Court

More specifically, about 95% of our winning clients end up with private settlements without ever having to go to trial. When we do go to trial, however, we almost always win. The irony is that the better your courtroom record is, the less often you have to go to court! This is because the opposing party would rather settle a claim than risk losing a courtroom battle against a firm with a strong record of success in trial.

At Malman Law, we know our way around both the courtroom and the settlement table. That’s not surprising, since we have served over 20,000 personal injury clients since 1994, bringing in over $200,000,000. With a batting average of .950 (95% of our clients win compensation), we are confident of our ability to maximize your chances of receiving full compensation.

More About Forest Glen, Chicago

The Forest Glen community of Chicago is a peaceful oasis on the Northwest Side of Chicago. Indeed, strolling through neighborhoods like Sauganash Park and Wildwood is a delightful way to spend a Sunday afternoon. When we first meet personal injury clients from Forest Glen, however, they are not having their best day.

Types of Cases We Handle

Following are only a few examples of the types of claims that our Forest Glen personal injury lawyers frequently handle:

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