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Many of our best friends and clients hail from Greater Grand Crossing. Of course, when clients come to see us for the first time, they are not having a good day. Many come to us after suffering vehicle accidents in the 75th Street business district, on Lake Shore Drive, or outside the community altogether. However, a vehicle accident is not the only way to suffer a personal injury.

Indeed, there are as many types of personal injury cases as there are ways to get hurt. What they all have in common, however, are the fundamental principles of Illinois personal injury law. When the accident that injured you is not your fault, Illinois personal injury law is your ally. And so are we, should you choose to retain us.

Insurance Adjustors are Streetwise Negotiators

If you decide to represent yourself, you are likely to be sitting across the settlement table from an insurance executive who has negotiated hundreds or even thousands of claims before. This executive has one purpose. Their sole purpose is to minimize your claim, or even deny it, so his employer can save money. If the opposing party is a business other than an insurance company, you will likely face one of their in-house lawyers who share the same objective.

Don’t expect things to be straightforward. For example, a favorite trick in a vehicle accident claim is to press you for the exact time of the accident, and then turn around and blame you for the accident by saying you took your eyes of the road to check the time. At Malman Law, most opponents know better than to even try pulling something like that on us. Let us do the negotiating for you.

A Word from One of Our Clients

Steve and Kelly were great! The entire process moved much faster than we thought it would. We received a nice size settlement. I would highly recommend Malman Law! — Susan

Types of Cases We Handle

Below is only a partial list of the types of personal injury claims we handle:

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