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The kind of personal injury claim that angers us the most is nursing home abuse. Anger can be an empowering emotion, however, if it stimulates us into taking action to help our client fight back. And that is exactly how we let our anger affect us and our proven Harvey Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers at Malman Law.

The Regulatory Maze

All nursing homes are subject to a complex web of state regulations. Nursing homes that accept Medicaid/Medicare are further subject to a second set of federal regulations. Our nursing home abuse attorneys possess an intimate familiarity with these regulations, and many of our successful nursing home abuse cases have rested on violation of these regulations.

The Numbers Tell the Story

At Malman Law, we didn’t just hang up an “Open for Business” shingle yesterday. We have collected over $200,000,000 for over 20,000 clients since 1994, when the firm was established. Some of our recent results include:

  • An $11,800,000 settlement in a vehicle rollover accident case
  • A $6,000,000 settlement for medical malpractice
  • A $5,000,000 settlement for medical malpractice
  • A $2,000,000 settlement for wrongful death.

Naturally, we cannot guarantee you any specific results. We can, however, guarantee aggressive representation by a law firm with one of the best track records in the industry.

Types of Personal Injury Cases We Handle

Following are a few of the kinds of cases that we handle. Keep in mind that this is only a partial list.

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