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Finding out that you have a medical condition that requires treatment and could change the course of your life can be a jarring experience. Many people who learn that they have a medical condition deal with complicated emotions and start to contemplate the impact this could have on their future. Although it is natural to trust a doctor’s assessment and begin to plan for the future to accommodate your medical condition, there are sometimes cases in which a physician makes the wrong determination. Some medical conditions are commonly misdiagnosed. If you find yourself in this position, dealing with the aftermath of a misdiagnosed medical condition, it is advisable to speak with an attorney to learn more about your legal options. 

Four Commonly Misdiagnosed Medical Conditions

When you have received a diagnosis from a medical professional, it is helpful to seek a second opinion, especially given that some medical conditions are commonly misdiagnosed. Some of the most commonly misdiagnosed medical conditions include: 



  • Parkinson’s Disease – This is a serious degenerative brain disorder that impacts the ability of the central nervous system. It often results in difficulty with balance, tremors and shakes, and trouble talking. Parkinson’s disease can be challenging to diagnose. This disease is frequently confused with other conditions that show similar symptoms, such as a stroke, traumatic brain injury, or an essential tremor. 




  • Lyme Disease – Is a bacterial infection that is caused by a tick bite, this disease can escalate and result in serious long term issues if not identified and treated quickly. Symptoms often include a bulls-eye rash, fatigue, vomiting, shortness of breath, and muscle aches. It is commonly confused with the flu or meningitis by medical professionals. 



  • Multiple sclerosis – This is an autoimmune disease that progressively attacks the central nervous system. Those who have multiple sclerosis often show signs of lack of balance, muscle spasms, and cognitive impairment. Symptoms associated with this disease are commonly found in patients who have Alzheimer’s, a viral infection, lupus, or a bipolar disorder. Identifying this disease often starts with blood testing to eliminate the possibility of other disorders. 


  • Celiac disease – Those who have celiac disease are unable to digest and process gluten. This disease is commonly confused with Crohn’s disease and cystic fibrosis. Testing for celiac disease often includes blood testing and looking for antibodies, although about one in ten people who have celiac disease test negative, making it difficult to diagnose. 

Speak with an Experienced Chicago Medical Malpractice Lawyer Today

If you believe that you are suffering due to a commonly misdiagnosed medical condition, it is advisable to speak with a knowledgeable medical malpractice attorney as soon as you can. The physical, emotional, and financial impact of a misdiagnosed medical condition can be astounding. The medical malpractice lawyers at Malman Law have years of experience working with clients who have received a misdiagnosis, and we are dedicated to fighting for your rights to just compensation. Call us today at (312) 629-0099 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation. 

At the beginning of April, the FDA issued a press release in which they requested the removal of Zantac, also known as Ranitidine, from the market. Zantac was commonly used in order to treat and prevent heartburn, ulcers, and acid reflux disease. This was an over the counter medication that was easily accessible for many people who used this as a trusted treatment. The reason that the FDA gave for recalling Zantac was that medicine had high levels of N-nitrosodimethylamine (NDMA), a chemical that is linked to causing cancer and serious liver damage. For this reason, the FDA deemed Zantac unsafe and asked that it be removed from the shelves of all pharmacies that were carrying the drug. 

Understanding a Dangerous Pharmaceutical Lawsuit

Realizing that you have been taking a drug that is suddenly recalled by the FDA can be a terrifying and confusing experience, and people who find themselves in the situation often wonder what their options are. Navigating the process of a pharmaceutical lawsuit can be complicated, which is why it is advisable to work with a knowledgeable personal injury lawyer who can help you through the legal process. 

You might have seen the advertisements on television urging those who have been harmed or exposed to a recalled drug to reach out and become a part of a class-action lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company that produced the medication. While a lot of the information that is portrayed in these group lawsuits might relate to individuals, it can be beneficial to avoid being included in a mass settlement. Every person who has been impacted by the effects of a recalled drug has the right to speak with a personal injury attorney to learn if they would benefit from a standalone case. 

Although you might have experienced similar symptoms to the majority of the people who used a recently recalled drug, there are changes that you also have a unique situation that deserves individual attention and just compensation. Financial losses such as hospital bills, time off work due to related injuries, lost wages, and expensive medical treatments can all add a serious strain to an already difficult situation. For this reason, it is advisable to speak to a skilled personal injury attorney to learn more about your options.

Don’t wait – Call a Skilled Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Today

If you have been injured by a medication that was FDA-approved and sold over the counter, it is advisable to learn more about your legal options for just compensation. The experienced personal injury lawyers at Malman Law understand how frustrating and stressful this situation can be, and we are dedicated to helping our clients who have been exposed to drugs that the FDA has recalled. Call us today at (312) 629-0099 to schedule a free initial consultation where we can discuss the details of your case and learn more about the injuries that you have suffered. You can also contact us online to set up an appointment. Don’t delay, contact us as soon as possible.

When you are involved in an accident, one of the great dangers is the possibility of sustaining a serious or even catastrophic injury. For those who are facing this as a reality, the unknown impact that a catastrophic injury could have on your future health and way of life can be both frustrating and terrifying. Understanding some of the potential long-term effects of a catastrophic accident can help you to plan for the future. If you find yourself in this situation, it is advisable to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney who can assess the monetary damage and put together a request for compensation from the at-fault party or their insurance company. 

Common Lasting Effects for Those with a Catastrophic Injury

Coming to terms with the reality that you are potentially facing a long recovery period with the possibility of suffering lasting effects of a catastrophic injury can be difficult for many people. Recognizing some of the common ways that people who have suffered this type of injury are impacted can be helpful. In order to take action and plan for your future, you will first want to have an understanding of what you might be facing.


  • Financial impact: One of the first things to consider that an injury, regardless of the magnitude, is typically expensive. When you factor in long-term care, ongoing physical therapy, advanced medical treatments, and even an extended stay in the hospital, the bills start to add up quickly. On top of this, many people find that they are unable to work due to their injury, resulting in lost wages and lost future earning as well. This can create a stressful financial situation as people who were unprepared for an accident find themselves facing unexpected long-term expenses.



  • Change of lifestyle: A catastrophic injury can impact your movement, result in chronic pain, and often prevents people from enjoying the activities that they once regularly were able to partake in. This can be very difficult and often leads to hopelessness and depression. 




  • Impact on your career: Depending on your line of work before the accident, some people find that it is impossible to continue on their expected career path after a catastrophic injury. Especially for those who are required to partake in physical actions while on the job, performing as they did before the injury is often no longer feasible. 


Speak with a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer as Soon as Possible

For those who have been involved in an accident and believe that another party is liable for the injuries that they sustained, it can be difficult to determine the available legal options. A serious injury can sometimes result in the inability to work while you are recovering. This, coupled with mounting medical bills, can make an already challenging situation seem even more stressful. At Malman Law, we understand the frustration that our clients experience and work diligently to ease their concerns. We offer a free initial consultation to all clients, so contact us online or call us today at (312) 629-0099 to schedule a time to discuss the details of your situation. 

One of the many impacts of the COVID-19 virus is that many people have transitioned to working from home. Those who are not classified as having a job that is in the essential services category are attempting to set up their offices at home in order to work remotely. This effort is meant to both protect those non-essential workers and to attempt to reduce the spread of the coronavirus in order to flatten the curve and keep the hospitals from becoming overwhelmed with critical cases. For some, working remotely is a relatively straightforward transition that requires a desk, a phone, and a computer. Fortunately, Malman Law is still working hard and fighting for our clients’ best interests while working remotely.  

Working Remotely with your Personal Injury Lawyer 

While many different industries are adjusting to working remotely, it is helpful to understand what the process of working with a personal injury lawyer looks like now with Malman Law. Knowing what to expect can ease your mind and help you to prepare for your interactions with your attorney. Many of the communications that we have with our clients have always been through phone and email, and now, we are shifting our consultation process remotely as well. Rest assured that there are many different ways to quickly and easily contact an attorney at our firm. 


  • Submit a request through our contact form – To receive a call back from an experienced attorney, you can quickly and easily submit your information via our contact form online. 
  • Phone calls – Set up a time to chat with your attorney and review the details of your case. 
  • Chat online – Explore the chat option that has been enabled on our website, a fast and easy way to connect. 
  • Find information on our website – We have a variety of helpful resources available on our website. 


Our Dedication to Our Clients 

We understand that many of our clients struggle with the stressful aftermath of an accident, and we are dedicated to helping you through this difficult time. Although we are not meeting in person, you can be sure that we are fully committed to working diligently to protect your rights in the event of an accident. We are dedicated to helping those who have been injured to obtain just compensation to help offset the expense of their injuries. 

Contact a Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer Today

When you are involved in an accident and believe that another party is at fault for the injuries that you sustained, it can be challenging to figure out your options. Dealing with the pain and stress of a serious injury can be frustrating and confusing. If you find yourself in this situation, contact Malman Law to discuss the details of your accident and learn more about your legal rights. We are committed to helping our clients receive just compensation in the event of an accident. You can call us today at (312) 629-0099 or contact us online to set up a free initial consultation. Don’t hesitate to contact us as soon as possible. We are fully operational and accepting new clients! 

When you are in an accident, the aftermath can result in serious injuries. One of the challenging aspects of becoming injured in an accident is that these injuries take time to heal and often require adjusting your normal daily schedule in order to rest and care for yourself. Broken bones are one of the more common injuries that people experience after many different types of accidents, and in some cases, a broken bone might require surgery. 

Possible Effects of Broken Bone Surgery 

In the event of an accident, it is always advisable to see a medical professional, even if you do not initially believe that your injuries are all that serious. With the case of a broken bone, most people experience extreme pain that signifies that there is something wrong. A doctor can provide a thorough exam and assess the extent of your injury. Sometimes, your doctor might know right away that your broken bones require surgery. Other times, your doctor might treat your broken bone without surgery, but with the intention of checking in a few days to a week to see if the injury has worsened, indicating that surgery is the right option.

Some of the impacts of a broken bone that needs to be operated on include but are not limited to:

  • Surgical complications – In some situations, complications might arise after the surgery takes place. This could delay the healing process and require additional treatments.
  • Extensive recovery time – A broken bone requires time to heal, meaning that while you are recovering, you might not be able to carry on the job that you had or live the life that you were used to due to your injury. 
  • Expensive medical bills – Both inpatient hospital bills and outpatient treatment can quickly start to add up and become expensive, which can add stress to an already challenging situation. 
  • Ongoing physical therapy – Typically, patients who have had surgery to fix a broken bone are advised to attend physical therapy to help regain mobility and strength as they are healing. 
  • Potential ongoing pain and suffering – Unfortunately, some people who have had surgery to fix broken bones experience chronic pain that they must live with throughout their life. 

Speak with an Experienced Personal Injury in Chicago Lawyer Right Away

If you have been in an accident that resulted in a broken bone that required surgery, and you have reason to believe that another party was liable for your injuries, it is advisable to speak with a skilled personal injury attorney as soon as possible. Recovering from this type of injury can be frustrating, painful, and expensive, and for this reason, it makes sense to learn about your legal rights to just compensation. At Malman Law, we are dedicated to helping our client recovery compensation in the event of an accident. Call us today at (312) 629-0099 to schedule a free initial consultation. You can also contact us online. We are here and ready to help, so call today!  

If you are one of the lucky ones still working during the COVID-19 pandemic because you work at a business deemed “essential,” that can be a good thing, as you have income. If you believe you contracted COVID-19 at work, that’s a bad thing, however, and can be costly in many ways. After you get treatment, you might wonder if you are eligible for workers’ compensation for your injuries. That’s a tricky question and likely will depend on what your job is. It is probably a good idea to consult with a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

Many Governments Are Wrestling With the Question of Workers’ Compensation Coverage for Work-Related COVID Infections

The federal government is generally not treating COVID-19, also called the coronavirus, as a work-related illness or injury simply because you contract it at work. However, the government is making an exception for employees whose work intrinsically requires them to undergo routine and prolonged exposure to potential exposure to the virus. This includes medical personnel, first responders, and law enforcement personnel. Some states, including Washington, California, and Ohio, are following the federal example. Most states have not announced a policy yet.

Illinois, at the moment, is among the states that have not announced a policy. However, the Illinois Workers’ Compensation Commission has suspended normal operations for the entire month of April, meaning it will not be hearing any cases or mediation for a while. Whether the commission announces a policy regarding COVID-19 coverage remains to be seen.

However, Illinois workers’ compensation law might make it difficult for any but a very few kinds of employees to recover compensation. Illinois law, like that in many states, requires that there must be a risk inherent in the employment itself rather than a risk shared by the general public. It seems that the fact that the coronavirus can be contracted by anyone, anywhere would make claiming workers’ compensation coverage a pretty long reach. Simply proving you caught the virus at work would be extremely difficult. However, no policy has been established yet, and so the question remains open. Illinois could, like the federal government and several states, decide to make exceptions for employees in particular occupations.

In the meantime, you should encourage your employer to take certain precautions to limit the risk of contracting the coronavirus. If they are not already doing so, your employer should: 

  • Encourage sick employees to not come into work, even if they haven’t tested positive for COVID-19
  • Separate sick employees from healthy employees;
  • Enforce frequent hand-washing
  • Perform frequent cleaning of workspaces with substances that kill the virus
  • Advise employees about precautions to take before engaging in work travel.

We are in uncertain times on many fronts. Answers won’t be easy, but if you believe you contracted COVID-19 at work, talk to a Chicago workers’ compensation attorney.

If You Need a Chicago Workers Compensation Attorney, Contact the Lawyers of Malman Law

If you contracted COVID-19 and believe you contracted it at work, you should consult with a Chicago workers compensation attorney. The lawyers of Malman Law are here to assist you. You can reach us at (312) 629-0099 or through our website.

The world is a dangerous place. On the roads, in your home, out and about in your neighborhood, while shopping, even just visiting a friend, you can suffer an accidental injury pretty much anywhere. If you do, after you receive medical treatment, you might wonder if there is compensation available to you. If there is, how do you get it? A personal injury lawsuit is an option, obviously, but that shouldn’t be the first option. There might be – and likely is – insurance available to cover your injury, whether the insurance is yours or someone else’s. 

An insurance settlement likely will be far quicker and easier than filing and pursuing a lawsuit, and many cases start there. If you have suffered an accidental injury, you should talk to a Chicago personal injury attorney who can help you with what insurance claims you should file.

The Insurance Claims You File Will Depend Upon the Circumstances of Your Accidental Injury

What kind of insurance claims you end up filing will depend upon where and how you were injured. For instance, if you are injured in an accident at home, you would file an insurance claim against your own homeowner’s policy and have your medical treatment covered by your health insurance policy. If you’re hurt in an accident at someone else’s house, you would file a claim against that person’s homeowner’s policy. And if the accidental injury were to happen at a business, you would file against that business’s premises liability policy. You get the idea.

Automobile accidents can get a little more involved. In the most common circumstances, you are involved in a car accident with another driver, your car is damaged, and you are injured. If the accident was clearly the other driver’s fault, you would file a claim against that driver’s liability policy. If it was clearly your fault, you would file a claim against your own collision policy. If both drivers are partially at fault, or if it is not clear who is at fault, you would file claims against the other driver’s policy and against your own. 

Once fault is settled, you’ll get your settlement from one policy or the other, or possibly both. If the other driver, at fault or not, has no insurance, you would file a claim against your own policy if you have uninsured/underinsured coverage. If the other driver is merely underinsured, you would file against his policy while also filing against your uninsured/underinsured coverage.

For your injuries, if the other driver is at fault or if fault isn’t clear, you would file a claim against your personal injury protection policy or your MedPay insurance. That provides immediate payments. You would also file against the other driver’s liability policy and against your own insurance if fault, but a PIP claim means you’ll be covered while the fault gets sorted out.

If You Need a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney, Contact the Lawyers of Malman Law

If you have suffered an accidental injury, in a car accident or elsewhere, you should consult with a Chicago personal injury or car accident attorney. The lawyers of Malman Law are ready to help you on both counts. You can reach us at (312) 629-0099 or through our website.

It is often said that most car accidents happen just a few minutes from home. The number of minutes or miles varies depending upon who is doing the measuring, but the fact is that most people’s driving is done just a few minutes from home, so the statement is basically true. However, far more people have accidents in their home than outside. Most are not serious and hardly qualify as “accidents” in a medical or legal sense, but people stumble, drop this, accidentally cut themselves while cooking, and have any number of minor accidents that barely draw any notice inside the home, much less as a statistical matter. 

However, many accidents in the home are far more serious – and potentially deadly. Defective household products are involved in many of these accidents. If you have been involved in an accident while using a defective home product, you should consult with a Chicago personal injury attorney.

Defective Household Products Can Be Deadly

The federal government devotes considerable resources to recalling consumer products deemed to have dangerous defects, and reports on those recalls regularly. It also issues periodic reports regarding injuries caused by defective household products. For example, a 2004 report detailing injuries and deaths from household products found that in 2002 there were 55,860 emergency-room treated injuries and an additional 158,460 medically treated injuries that did not require a trip to the hospital but received medical treatment from paramedics, a doctor’s office, or some other source. 

The report estimated that there were 80 deaths in 2002 from defective household products of the types covered in the report. Household appliances included in the statistics included washing machines and washer-dryer combinations; dryers; floor care equipment, including vacuum cleaners, electric brooms, floor buffers, waxers, and rug shampooers; water heaters; automatic garage doors; electric blankets, among others.

A separate federal report found an estimated average of 70 electrocution deaths from household products each year from 2007 through 2009. Another report noted that from 2008 through 2010, there was an annual average of more than 43,000 emergency-room treated injuries as a result of unstable furniture, appliances, and televisions. In addition, there were 293 reported deaths between 2000 and 2010 caused by these items.

Common culprits in defective household product accidents include faulty smoke alarms, kitchen appliances including dishwashers, space heaters, stoves, and refrigerators, power tools, electric blankets, cleaning products with improper labels, hairdryers, curling irons, and lawn care equipment. Injuries from these products, if defective, can include cuts, burns, poisoning, electrocution, serious falls, carbon monoxide poisoning, and even death. When household products don’t perform as intended, the consequences can be grim.

If You Need a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney, Contact the Lawyers of Malman Law

If you have suffered an injury from a defective home appliance, you should talk to a Chicago personal injury attorney to see if you might be entitled to compensation. The lawyers of Malman Law are ready to help. You can reach us at (312) 629-0099 or through our website.

Everyone in the Chicago area – indeed, throughout the state of Illinois – by this time knows all too well the impact the COVID-19 pandemic is having on day-to-day life. Even those people still going to work should by observing social distancing restrictions and taking other steps to try to prevent further spread of COVID-19, also known as the coronavirus. Many more people are out of work, their place of business or employment closed as “non-essential.” 

In early March, Gov. J.B. Pritzker issued a disaster declaration requiring people to stay at home except to go to work and obtain essential goods. He recently extended that order until the end of April, at the very least. Ever since that first order and continuing now, people’s lives have been disrupted in ways they likely could not even have imagined just a few short weeks ago. So what do you do if you need a Chicago personal injury attorney?

Are Lawyers Still Available if I Have an Injury Claim?

While many states declared law firms to be non-essential and shuttered their offices,  Illinois did not take that route, and law firms are allowed to remain open. Even so, many firms have been having their lawyers work from home to help protect them from the coronavirus, and that is the case with the attorneys of Malman Law. The firm remains fully operational, even though its attorneys are working from home. 

While most court functions are shut down for the foreseeable future, lawyers at Malman Law still are able to make court filings, negotiate with defendants’ representatives by telephone or through computer-based teleconferencing apps, and can still meet with clients and prospective clients “face-to-face” through smartphones or those same video conferencing apps. There is no drop-off in the services available.

Even while working from home, Malman Law attorneys have secure remote computer access to online databases located at the firm’s physical facilities. Because law firms have not been shut down, if absolutely necessary, Malman Law attorneys still can access physical files located at the office. In truth, though, most of what they need is literally at their fingertips through their computer. They can securely log in online to access the firm’s systems, giving them access to almost everything they would be able to access if they were actually at the office. They are ready to take on your case, be it for personal injury, car accidents, workers’ compensation claims, or medical malpractice.

If you Need a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney, Contact the Lawyers of Malman Law

If you have been injured in an accident, you should consult with a Chicago personal injury attorney. Even in these upended times, the lawyers of Malman Law are ready and able to assist you. You can reach us at (312) 629-0099 or through our website.

While pretty much everyone believes they are a good driver, it is clear that some of the people who think that are wrong. The things you often see other drivers doing on the road make it seem impossible that they ever passed a road test. But there they are, behind the wheel, practically begging to be in a traffic accident. The truth is, there are some pretty common behaviors of negligent drivers that drive the traffic accident rate. They’re easy to spot, too, at least from the outside of the negligent driver’s car. If you meet up with one of these negligent drivers and wind up in a traffic accident, consult with a Chicago car accident attorney.

There’s a Consensus on Leading Negligent Driver Behaviors

It seems that most authorities agree on the worst of negligent driving activities. One major automotive publication published a list of the nine most dangerous behaviors of negligent drivers. Probably not coincidentally, the list included five of the top forms of risky driving identified by the federal government and was almost identical to a list put out by another major automotive publication. The lists included:

  1. Driving while impaired – whether it is drugs or alcohol, impaired driving is the leading cause of traffic accident fatalities;
  2. Speeding, the second-leading cause of traffic deaths;
  3. Driving while drowsy, which the federal government calls almost as dangerous as driving while impaired; 
  4. Reckless driving, which can include speeding, weaving in and out of traffic, passing on the right, passing on the shoulder of the road, accelerating and braking suddenly, and even driving slowly in the left lane on the freeway. 
  5. Failure to yield the right of way, which is responsible for about a quarter of accidents involving younger drivers but a majority of accidents among drivers 70 and older.
  6. Not wearing a seatbelt.
  7. Following too close behind tractor-trailers. 
  8. Driving too fast for the weather conditions, as nearly a quarter of traffic accidents are weather-related.
  9. Distracted driving, including texting or talking on the phone, eating while driving, or even using the vehicle navigation system.

It would appear that insurance agents agree, as an insurance publication put out a similar list that included:

    1. Tailgating;
    2. Distracted driving;
    3. Abnormally slow driving, which can be just as dangerous for other drivers as speeding; 
    4. Speeding;
    5. Failure to signal turns and lane changes. Predictability helps make driving safer.



Excessive speed and driving abnormally slow are dangerous in part because they introduce unpredictability into the driving equation. The same is true for not using turn signals. On the roads, especially at highway speeds, surprises are bad.

If You Need a Chicago Car Accident Attorney, Contact the Lawyers of Malman Law

If you have been injured in a traffic accident you believe was caused by the negligence of another driver, you should consult with a Chicago car accident attorney. The lawyers of Malman Law are ready to help you. You can reach us at (312) 629-0099 or through our website.

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