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As parents we wish our children are born healthy and safe without getting into any medical complications. Unfortunately, every year thousands of birth injuries are caused by health care providers through incorrect treatment during pregnancy or during the birthing process. If a doctor or medical expert does not handle a situation properly there are possible chances for your infants to suffer injuries or illnesses that can leave him/her a permanent disabled. Sometimes there are signs of the unborn baby like improper development in healthy manner or is in fetal anguish. If this is the case then the life of the baby and the mother depends on the abrupt diagnosis and management of the complications that are placing the mother and fetus at risk.

Likewise, if your child has suffered any injuries because of the improper medical attention at dangerous situation then you have the legal rights to take legal action and pursue damages. At Malman Law, P.C, Chicago, Illinois, our highly experienced birth injury lawyers will help you to get maximum recovery and support you deserve.

Our personal injury attorney will meet the medical care providers who were there to help at the time of delivering your baby and discuss with experts that can serve as eyewitness for your case. We ensure your child gets the maximum compensation from the desired doctor, nurse or other medical providers. We will work with you to achieve this for your child to have the best life.

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