ALERT: Malman Law Fighting for Victims of Sex Abuse in Chicago Public Schools

Monday, July 2, 2018

ALERT: Malman Law Fighting for Victims of Sex Abuse in Chicago Public Schools

Chicago Sex Abuse Attorney

Representing families of sexually assaulted CPS students

Chicago public schools are supposed to be safe zones for your children. Unfortunately, they are the very place where sexual abuse is occurring.

At Malman Law, we represent innocent children — now or in the past–who have been sexually assaulted at school.

The facts are alarming. Over 500 students have been sexually abused by CPS employees over the past decade. Two principals were recently removed from their duties pending investigations into how they handled sexual abuse allegations.

Misconduct takes many forms. But there’s one thing that all these incidents have in common: They happened because someone failed to protect our children.

If you believe a child has been sexually violated, call Malman Law for a free and confidential consultation.  We’ll investigate, at no charge to you.

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Why is CPS responding to this crisis now?

Now, suddenly, after years of sexual misconduct and abuse of CPS students, is CPS taking additional actions to safeguard our children.

Why now?  Because journalists and investigations have shined a bright light on the problem, exposing the lack of safety measures that protect CPS students from sexual predators.

Will this make a difference? Will it stem the tide? What about past students who suffered at the hands of CPS staff members who sexually violated a child, causing lifelong pain and anguish?

Are words enough?

Janice K. Jackson, Chief Executive Officer of Chicago Public Schools (CPS), addresses the matter in a June 2018 letter to parents about sexual abuse in Chicago schools. 

She says, “You entrust us to educate and safeguard your children, and that trust is sacred.”

She then highlights the sexual prevention procedures CPS will now employ.

Betrayed by the People They Trust

  • Conduct background checks for all current employees
  • Develop a framework for investigating and addressing each reported incident
  • Establish an eligibility process for athletic coaches and assistant coaches
  • Propose policies requiring employees to report inappropriate staff-student relationships or signs of “grooming”

But it makes a parent wonder, what was CPS doing before now?

You Are Your Child’s Best Advocate

Predators take advantage of your child’s trust and vulnerability. Your child may be discouraged from reporting abuse, ashamed, tricked into believing that it is normal, or told that he or she consented or “asked for it.”

Only you can protect your child. Stand up and fight for what’s right.

Get Help – Give Your Child a Voice

We will be that voice for you and your child.  Malman Law has represented clients in over 25,000 cases over the past 25 years. We have collected hundreds of millions of dollars for our clients. Our litigators have real courtroom experience, and we will vigorously represent your child’s rights and fight for the best possible outcome.

Our approach is methodical, client-centered and proven. We have an incredible 95% case success rate, and we stand behind our work with a zero-fee guarantee–which means, if we do not collect for you, our services are free.

Sexual abuse in schools is intolerable. Your child deserves to be heard. Your child needs healing. It stars here.

Call us now for a free and confidential consultation at 1.888.307.2051   

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