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bedsoresBedsores, also known as pressure sores or pressure ulcers, are caused by extra pressure on extra patches of skin. These sores are very common among elderly individuals or young individuals who are admitted to nursing homes and are immobile for long periods of time. Just because a person is immobile does not mean that he or she will develop bedsores. While there are instances where bedsores occur with proper monitoring, most of the time they occur because a patient is not properly positioned or those caring for the patient are inattentive to the patient’s current condition.

What Causes Pressure Sores?

There are multiple reasons why a person may experience bedsores. These include:

  • Pressure that is created by the natural weight of the body – and the pressure of the body
  • Frictional rubbing against the skin
  • Forces of sliding the skin between the bony structures and external surfaces
  • A lack of blood supply

Also, if a patient does not have enough blood supplied to the skin, he or she will not have the right balance of nutrients, which can lead to a deterioration of the skin and turn into pressure sores. Healthy individuals rarely experience bedsores; instead, they are more common in those with ailing health. Also, when a person cannot move or change position frequently enough, he or she is more likely to develop bedsores.

Risks That Increase Bedsore Production

There are some people at higher risk for pressure ulcers – and a facility should monitor these individuals closely due to their heightened risk. Just some risk factors include:

  1. Stress
  2. Duration of that stress
  3. Paralysis
  4. Infection edema
  5. Moisture
  6. Lack of nerve supply
  7. Poor nutrition

Is My Loved One At-Risk?

There are at-risk individuals in nursing homes who need proper monitoring to ensure that they do not develop bedsores. Also, if they do develop a bedsore, the nursing home must act quickly to rectify the situation. Leaving bedsores in place could lead to deeper, more painful ulcers or even lead to a life-threatening infection. To tell if your loved one is at-risk for developing bedsores, you would need to consider overall health. Those more likely to develop bed sores include:

  • Those with issues of mobility – and those who cannot change their position on their own frequently throughout the day.
  • Patients who are paralyzed.
  • Patients who suffer from nerve damage and cannot feel pain on their affected areas.
  • Patients who have no control over their bladder or bowels and therefore, soil themselves frequently.
  • Malnutrition, or patients suffering from a nutritional deficiency.
  • Patients who are severely ill or who have gone through extensive surgery and need proper time to heal.
  • Patients with high blood sugar levels, which lead to nerve damage in the feet and distal parts.
  • Patients suffering major injuries, such as hip problems.
  • Patients who need to have sponge baths in bed – because moistened skin can naturally lead to pressure sores or increase a person’s risk for pressure sores.

Did Your Loved One Develop Pressure Sores?

If your loved one has been in a nursing home facility and he or she has developed bedsores, you must speak with an attorney right away. While there are rare cases in which a patient’s bed sores are not due to neglect, in most cases, a patient with bedsores is a sign that the nursing home has failed to perform a standard duty of care – therefore, they are legally responsible for damages. To assess your case and explore your options, contact the nursing home team at Malman Law. We offer free consultations, so schedule yours now by calling our offices or fill out our online contact form with your legal questions.

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