Can You Sue for Black Friday Injuries?

Monday, January 4, 2016

Can You Sue for Black Friday Injuries?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Black Friday is all about the deals and, of course, the doorbusters. But, in order to get those deals, you have to be willing to show up to the retail store early and fight your way through the doors. People have proven that they can become vicious in these situations – and sometimes even violent. It is not uncommon for Black Friday shoppers, as well as general holiday shoppers, to suffer from scrapes, cuts, bruises, broken bones, and even traumatic injuries because of the impatient shoppers at their local sales.

If you are injured during a Black Friday sale or any type of shopping trip, you can file a lawsuit against the negligent party. But, the person responsible can vary depending on who caused the injury and ultimately who was negligent.

Most Common Injuries Associated with Holiday Shopping Days

Shopping is not inherently dangerous, but during peak shopping times it can become such. Some of the more commonly seen injuries during these holiday sales events include:

  1. Assault and Battery – Muggers and thieves may lurk outside shopping centers to catch those leaving with their Black Friday goods. Those upset they were unable to get an item in stock have also been known to attack those leaving the store with items they wanted.
  2. Slip and Falls – Whether it is raining, snowing, or just icy outside, that water can create slippery surfaces inside stores. It is not uncommon to see individuals slip and fall during the rush.
  3. Car Accidents – Parking lots are full of holiday shoppers, which means there is an increase in car accidents. Even at low speeds, parking lot accidents can cause whiplash and other significant injuries.
  4. Brain Injury or Head Trauma – Whether it is from falling, being shoved, or being assaulted, head trauma and brain injuries are commonly seen in Black Friday and other holiday shopping injuries. People can also be injured when attempting to reach for an object that is too high because they cannot find staff to help them, or because the store has purposely stocked items too high.
  5. Shopping Cart Injuries – When a shopping cart is full of objects, it can become a tripping hazard, accidentally hit others, or even injure small children attempting to walk beside it.

Determining Liability

In a Black Friday or other shopping injury, it is important to establish liability. Just because you were assaulted by a shopper does not mean the shopper is the only person responsible for your injuries. You may also have a claim against the store owner for failing to provide adequate security. Also, if you are harmed attempting to enter the store, the store could be liable because they failed to have precautions in place for the extra volume of customers entering at a single time.

Speak With a Chicago Accident Attorney Regarding Your Shopping Injuries

If you were injured during Black Friday or another shopping event, speak with an attorney from Malman Law. We can help determine who is liable for your injuries and evaluate if you have a viable claim for compensation. Schedule a consultation at 888-625-6265, or fill out an online contact form to get started.

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