Case Filed Against Nursing Home for Exploitation, Neglect and Abuse

Monday, February 17, 2014

Case Filed Against Nursing Home for Exploitation, Neglect and Abuse

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

New York’s state attorney general has filed a case against Medford Multicare Center for misusing public funds, leading to nursing home abuse, neglect and even the death of one resident.

In the claim, state attorney general Eric T. Schneiderman said the nursing home owners, Mordechai Klein, Mendel Aschkenazi, Martin Rausman, Henry Rausman and Norman Rausman gradually took $60 million of public funds over the past 10 years for personal use. Police arrested seven of Medford Multicare Center’s employees for allegedly covering up a 72-year-old woman’s death and two cases of patient neglect. The employees are now on paid leave.

What Kind of Conditions Constitute Nursing Home Abuse?

In this case, a consultant touring the facility first noticed the smell of urine on patients. In the past six years, the facility had roughly 5,000 incidents reported, including a fall that led to a fractured skull and a brain bleed. The nursing home had to admit another resident to the hospital for a broken back from a fall that the staff could not explain.

Nursing home abuse lawyers in Chicago and across the country see many other types of abuse. While physical abuse, including assault, deliberately giving the wrong medication and more, may be the most noticeable, patients may experience emotional, sexual and financial abuse from neglectful nursing home staff members, too. Caregivers could verbally abuse nursing home patients through humiliation and  intimidation through yelling, or they could nonverbally abuse the patients by ignoring or isolating the patients from meeting with friends and participating in activities. If caregivers perform any activity against patients’ consent, including forced undressing or watching of pornographic materials, they may be sexually abusing them. Caregivers can also exploit patients financially by misusing their personal checks or credit cards or by forging their signature.

What Should You Do If You Think Your Loved One is Being Abused?

When you think caregivers may be abusing your loved one in a nursing home, you are undoubtedly frustrated and want to take whatever actions you can to help them. Nursing home attorneys have the experience you need to hold your loved one’s abusers accountable for their actions.

To get started on your case, nursing home abuse lawyers in Chicago like those at Malman Law can help. Their team of lawyers has the experience with many different kinds of abuse nursing home patients experience daily, and they can help your loved one receive justice, too. Contact Steven J. Malman to begin your case today.

You can also read our download to learn more on nursing home abuse.

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