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brain damage

Settlement for a Client Whose Infant Suffered Irreversible Brain Damage Due to Medical Negligence In this case, our client was a four–month–old baby girl who, back in January 1999, was taken to the hospital after her mother noticed that she had come down with irritability and a fever. The physicians who looked at her failed … Continue reading brain damage

multiple bedsores

Judgment awarded against a Chicago nursing home for a 50-year-old resident who developed multiple bedsores.

terminal ovarian cancer

Our client in this case was a woman whose obstetrician/gynecologist had failed to diagnose her terminal ovarian cancer, despite having given her numerous pap smears. Using a team of experts and other methods of investigation, Malman Law demonstrated that the woman’s tests had been returning abnormal results for some time and that the Ob/Gyn’s misreading … Continue reading terminal ovarian cancer

fibroid tumors

A woman who had undergone a partial hysterectomy for fibroid tumors came to Malman Law for help after she had experienced a series of unfortunate medical events and a costly misdiagnosis. Following her hysterectomy, our client’s initial pathology report indicated that her tumors were benign. The next year, she had additional surgery to take out … Continue reading fibroid tumors

death of a bicyclist

In this case, we were able to prove that the driver of a van was responsible for the death of a bicyclist even though our client and the driver of the van were deceased. Through careful investigation and examination, the insurance company agreed that our client had the right of way at the intersection and … Continue reading death of a bicyclist

shoplifting alcohol

We represented an 18 year-old boy who had been accused of shoplifting alcohol while at a grocery store. The store’s security guard apprehended the boy and told him to raise his hands above his head. The boy and the guard exchanged words, provoking the guard to shove our client’s head into a rack. Our client … Continue reading shoplifting alcohol