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A suburban Chicago man is facing charges as a result of his mailman incuring a Chicago dog bite injury. Chicago dog bite attorneys can tell you that regardless of the severity of a Chicago dog bite injury, the dog’s owner is liable for the animal’s actions.

In fact, Illinois is a “first bite” state. Chicago dog bite lawyers indicate that this means that any time a dog bites a person – regardless of whether or not it has bitten anyone previously – the victim is likely entitled to damages.

In this particular situation, the mailman who was attacked by a tan mastiff owned by a man on the street where the dog bite occurred did sustain a serious injury. The Chicago dog bite required several stitches. The dog’s owner was ultimately “charged with unlawfully allowing a dog to run at large and failure to affix a rabies tag. Police said the dog was not current on its rabies vaccine,” according to the Chicago Sun-Times.

It appears in this situation that the rabies vaccine issue was just adding insult to injury. There is no indication that the dog was carrying rabies in spite of not having an up to date vaccine. Chicago dog bite attorneys advise that dog owners keep their animals under control at all times, never allowing them to run “at large.” Additionally, it is important for the health of your pet as well as for liability purposes that you keep your dog up to date on all necessary vaccines, including rabies.

Illinois Dog Bite Law

The state of Illinois has strict laws in place that aim to hold negligent dog owners liable for their animals’ biting, attacking or mauling a person. Dog owners can be held responsible not only for the injuries inflicted when the dog bites but also injuries suffered while trying to escape from an aggressive animal. Chicago dog bite lawyers advise that the injuries sustained to file a personal injury or dog bite case do not have to be actual dog bite injuries.

For example, if a person is running from a dangerous dog and sustains a slip and fall accident, they should contact a Chicago personal injury attorney who is highly experienced in dog bite injuries and litigation. While Illinois is a “first bite” state (see above), it is still imperative that you work with an experienced dog bite attorney who understands the ins and outs of this type of law suit to obtain the maximum compensation possible for your Chicago dog bite injury.

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