What Are the Common Complications Associated with Burn Injuries?

Friday, December 9, 2016

What Are the Common Complications Associated with Burn Injuries?

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Burn complications are one of the major causes for illness and further injury in burn victims. Whether a victim has suffered a burn from a car accident, product defect, or other incident, burns are extremely serious (and painful). Most patients suffering from extensive burns will encounter thousands of dollars in medical costs, and some injuries could be permanent.

Burn Injury Infection

An infection is one of the most common types of complications following a burn. The skin is the body’s main barrier against bacteria. Once it is burned, the damaged or dead skin leaves the body susceptible to bacteria and other contaminants. Also, a patient who is suffering extensive burns may require a catheter, which on its own can lead to a dangerous bladder infection.

In rare cases, a victim may suffer from sepsis. This complication is a serious, life-threatening infection that causes the patient’s body to become inflamed. When left untreated, it quickly travels through the body and attacks critical organ systems. Eventually, it will lead to death.

Low Blood Volume

Hypovolemia, also known as low blood volume, is another complication seen from burns. This is because burns can damage the body’s blood vessels and when enough surface area is affected, the body may not be able to maintain necessary blood flow or liquid. If the heart cannot pump enough blood through the body, the victim could die.

Blood Clots

A person who has an extensive burn may also be more apt to develop blood clots in the limbs. This is because some burns will require extensive amounts of bed rest, which affects the body’s natural circulation capabilities. The longer the victim is in bed, the higher the risk for clots.

Psychological Injuries

In addition to physical complications, there is the risk of psychological complications. Severe burn patients may develop trauma, including post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Depression and anxiety are also common, especially as the patient endures the grueling treatment process and deals with long-term disfigurement from the burn injury. Some patients may have low self-esteem, reduced self-image, and possibly have difficulty reintegrating back into society after a serious burn injury.

Physical Complications

There is also the risk of physical complications as the body tries to heal from a burn. Scars are common with even minor burns, and serious burns could result in deep scars that leave a victim permanently disfigured. When the injury occurs over the joints, the patient could also experience limited mobility or extensive pain.

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