Common Medical Bills After an Injury

Thursday, September 23, 2021

Common Medical Bills After an Injury

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Healthcare is costly in the United States, and you can incur extensive medical bills for immediate and ongoing medical care. It is important to discuss possible recovery for these losses with a Chicago personal injury lawyer.  

When you are a victim of an accident from which you have suffered injuries, your primary concern ought to be getting your health back and not how you are going to survive financially. Unfortunately, a piling up of bills goes hand and glove with accidents. Most of these are often going to be medical bills for your treatment.

Fortunately, if you have been injured in a car crash, slip and fall, or pedestrian accident, the law entitles you to compensation for injuries you suffered. Compensation covers a range of things but at the top of that list are your medical bills. Speak with a Chicago personal injury lawyer today about your rights. 

Common Medical Bills for Personal Injury

Medical expenses are usually classified as compensatory damages, which means reimbursing an injured person for money lost because of the accident that caused their injuries. This type of compensation is also referred to as economic damages, as there is a specific dollar amount pegged to them.

For medical expenses, the injured person can claim any type of medical-related cost that was endured as a result of injuries.

Medical expenses can often pile up quickly, especially if your injuries trigger medical issues that are ongoing and require extensive treatment. Pursuing a claim for personal injury compensation requires a lot of documentation as evidence. You will need one of our experienced lawyers to help guide you in what you need to do to obtain maximum compensation for your injuries.

When documenting your injuries, make sure that you include all expenses you have incurred from the very beginning when the accident occurred, including your first visit to see a doctor or documentation for your ambulance ride if you were taken there by ambulance.

Typical medical expenses claimed in a personal injury claim include:

  1. Hospital bills
  2. Surgery costs
  3. Ambulance fees
  4. Physical therapy fees
  5. Laboratory fees
  6. Family physician bills
  7. Prescription medication costs
  8. Pain management treatment

Besides past and current medical bills, you can also claim anticipated future medical expenses for your continued treatment. However, any anticipated future medical expenses you claim must be related directly to the original injury. For example, if you suffered an injury for which surgery is scheduled but not before your trial, you can claim the costs and expenses for that future surgery.

Determining medical expenses is more complicated than simply adding up past bills. You will need to calculate all future expenses, which can require the help of a medical expert. Our lawyers know how to make sure we calculate the full value of your past and future medical bills. 

Call Our Chicago Personal Injury Lawyers

If you or your loved one has been injured in an accident, this is the time you need an experienced personal injury lawyer on your side. With an experienced lawyer from Malman Law on your side committed to getting the best outcome for your case, you can rest assured you will receive the full compensation you need for your injuries. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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