Common Mistakes By Older Drivers

Thursday, September 2, 2021

Common Mistakes By Older Drivers

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Even after you’ve put many miles behind you, it’s still possible to run into many bumps in the road. Unfortunately, many elderly drivers face greater risks of encountering such bumps in the road, and accident victims should call a Chicago car accident lawyer

As aging subjects people to increased physical and psychological frailty, the risks of that frailty may also increase risks on the road due to:

  1. Slower reaction time
  2. Difficulty seeing and hearing surroundings
  3. Stiff joints and muscles
  4. Adverse medication reactions
  5. Mental impairments wrought by dementia

These risks can pose consequences that are inconvenient at best, and potentially deadly at their worst. Anyone injured by an older driver who was negligent should contact a Chicago car accident lawyer immediately. 

Senior Drivers

Unfortunately, many, many elderly drivers find themselves with driving challenges, and according to recent CDC estimates, elderly driver injuries are so high that they equate to roughly 20 deaths and 700 injuries a day in car accidents

At their worst, they can lead to a perfect storm of driver mistakes. Common mistakes among older drivers include:

  1. Driving through red lights or stop signs
  2. Driving exceedingly above or below the speed limit
  3. Misjudging where certain things are
  4. Inadequate situational awareness
  5. Drowsy driving
  6. Failing to yield

If an older driver causes an accident and you suffer injuries, you should work with a Chicago car accident lawyer to learn about your legal options.

How To Stay Safe

Old or young, drivers of all ages should prioritize mindfulness first and foremost. It is prudent that you’re able to remain incredibly cognizant, vigilant, and hyper-aware of your surroundings. 

Even if the frailties of aging are beginning to cause health complications for you, you can still find ways to stay sharp, maximize your awareness, and minimize safety risks. Before you step behind the wheel and while you’re behind the wheel, consider taking the following precautions:

  1. Try to limit driving to daylight hours and good weather, when you’ll have the clearest field of vision.
  2. Keep up with annual eye doctor checkups, and wear vision correcting lenses as needed.
  3. Try to stick to safe routes that are well lit, not too high in traffic, and clearly labelled with signs and signals.
  4. Keep a safe distance from other drivers, pedestrians, motorcyclists or surroundings; a good rule of thumb is “three seconds” between you and the other car.
  5. Ask your doctor to review your medications if you suspect that they’re causing drowsiness or other detrimental side effects.
  6. Avoid distractions like eating, drinking, smoking, or using electronic devices.

If your health issues are becoming too detrimental to your driving, then you may want to consider putting the car keys aside and opting for alternatives like rideshare services or public transit. This AARP guide may help you with making this difficult decision. And in the event that a negligent elderly driver hits you, it is wise to seek the right legal help.

Seek Help from a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

Sometimes, despite an older driver’s best efforts, accidents can still happen and injuries can result. If you suffered injuries in a car crash caused by a negligent driver, the Chicago car accident attorneys at Malman Law can help. 

We’ve won innumerable awards for our clients, including vehicle settlements as high as $11.8 million. If you think our Chicago car accident lawyers could help your case, then consider getting in touch with them today to arrange a free case review.

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