Common Risks of Driving in Chicago

Monday, April 5, 2021

Common Risks of Driving in Chicago

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Common Risks of Driving in Chicago

Driving in Chicago can be risky for many reasons, and many car crashes occur. If you suffer injuries in an accident, always discuss your rights with a Chicago car accident lawyer as soon as possible.

It’s not often, if ever, that you hear someone excited to drive in Chicago. This city isn’t lacking in risks to drivers on the road. In fact, in a recent poll ranking 100 U.S. cities from best to worst in drivability, Chicago ranked 94th, only one above Los Angeles. For traffic and infrastructure, Chicago came in 99th place. If you fell victim to any of the following risks, it’s time to contact a dedicated Chicago car accident lawyer. 

Chicago Infrastructure

Take one look at the IDOT travel information site, and you will see an incredible number of icons revealing where road work is currently restricting traffic all throughout Illinois. Chicago has its fair share of road repairs, lane restrictions, and exit closings, not to mention new road construction. 

  1. All of this creates risks as drivers are:
  • Unfamiliar with new construction, detours, and closed lanes
  • Not afraid to drive on the shoulders to get around other traffic
  • In a hurry and speed or make sudden lane changes

Drivers who cause accidents in these ways should be held accountable for their actions. A Chicago car accident attorney can help injured individuals do just that.

Traffic Congestion

The number of vehicles on the road causing traffic congestion in Chicago isn’t just frustrating. It results in many accidents and even road rage on a daily basis. Stop and go driving patterns cause collisions, especially when drivers are irritated. Congested roads often cause forced merges when there is no space. To make up for lost time, some drivers will speed when they can. All of these factors create a recipe for disaster due to traffic congestion.


Chicago weather is known for its extremes in any season. The winter – and sometimes even fall or spring – bring freezing temperatures, snow, and wind. Summers are humid and hot and often include tornadoes and severe thunderstorms. Springtime can involve intense rainstorms. It’s clear that Chicago’s climate isn’t something that draws people to the city. 

All seasons have their own driving challenges, but winter is the greatest threat to Chicago drivers. Significant snowfalls aren’t uncommon. In 2018, Chicago experienced nine consecutive days of measurable snowfall. Snow and ice result in slick road conditions, which are made even worse by Chicago’s bumper-to-bumper traffic. Drivers frequently fail to maintain a safe distance from other vehicles in front of them, making rear-end accidents commonplace in the winter. Motor vehicles can slide through intersections or off the road, causing severe injuries to other motorists and their passengers. Determining fault for these types of accidents is often difficult. However, an experienced Chicago car accident attorney can help with liability issues.

Speak to a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer about Your Accident Today

No matter the road or traffic conditions, drivers are expected to drive safely. If you were injured in an accident involving any of these risks or others, you deserve compensation for your injuries. You can book a free case consultation with the knowledgeable Chicago car accident attorneys at Malman Law today. Call (312) 629-0099 or complete our online contact form.

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