Does Your Loved One Have Untreated Bedsores at Their Nursing Home?

Monday, July 26, 2021

Does Your Loved One Have Untreated Bedsores at Their Nursing Home?

If you notice that your loved one has untreated bedsores, it can be a sign that they are suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse. You should make sure they get the medical help they need and then call a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer. 

Abuse and neglect in nursing homes is a serious issue in America. People believe their loved ones will be taken care of and treated with respect when paying to send them to a home for assisted living in their old age.  However, when signs of abuse or neglect appear, it is important to be very cognizant and alert to the signs of this in order to protect your loved one.  One major sign of this is untreated bedsores. 

If you notice bedsores and think your loved one is suffering mistreatment, contact a Chicago nursing home abuse lawyer for help.

Complications from Nursing Home Bedsores

Bedsores can have many complications, such as:

  1. Infections: Infected bedsores can cause fever, chills, confusion, racing heart, and weakness. Infections from nursing home bedsores can also make their way into joints and bones, damaging cartilage and tissue. Others may develop cellulitis, an infection of the skin and soft tissue that causes warmth, redness, and swelling.
  2. Cancer: Some wounds that do not heal can lead to squamous cell carcinoma, a type of skin cancer.
  3. Sepsis: In very severe cases, nursing home bedsores can turn into sepsis. This is a potentially life-threatening condition that occurs due to an existing infection.

Nursing home staff members are fully knowledgeable on how to treat bedsores before they cause serious health problems. If the staff members fail to do so, they must be held legally responsible for any complications that a resident develops from the untreated bedsore. 

Remember that untreated bedsores are a red flag that your loved one may be experiencing abuse or neglect at their nursing home facility, so at the very least, you should investigate the reasons behind these signs of neglect and pursue legal action if necessary. 

Bedsores are a Common Problem

Nursing home bedsore statistics of note from the CDC include:

  1. About 159,000 nursing home residents (11%) had bedsores in 2004
  2. Residents under 65 years old were more likely to have bedsores than older residents
  3. Those staying for a year or less were more likely to have bedsores than those with longer stays
  4. One in five residents with recent weight loss had bedsores
  5. 35% of those with stage 2 bedsores or higher needed special wound care services

Holding Nursing Homes Responsible

If your loved one is suffering from untreated bedsores, it is almost certain that neglect or abuse is present.  It is essential that you hold a nursing home responsible for any abuse or neglect at which a loved one of yours has suffered. Your loved one deserves just compensation if they are suffering at the hands of neglect or abuse by nursing home staff.

It is critical to monitor the care your loved one receives. Warning signs, such as bedsores in a long-term care facility, should never be taken lightly, as they are a major red flag for ongoing nursing home neglect or abuse. 

Nursing home neglect or abuse is a wrong that requires a just remedy, and holding the nursing home liable for its neglect or abuse is the best means to bring justice to rectify the situation. It will also provide compensation for the harm suffered by your loved one that can be used for proper medical treatment and other losses. If you suspect your loved one is suffering from nursing home neglect or abuse due to untreated bedsores or other reasons, you need to contact the right law firm suited to handle these unique and troubling cases. 

How a Chicago Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Can Help

At Malman Law, we fight against instances of neglect and abuse in nursing home facilities.  As Chicago’s premier firm for handling nursing home abuse or neglect cases, we will stop at nothing to pursue your claims against an abusive or neglectful nursing home at whose hands your loved one has suffered.  Contact us today either online or by calling (312) 629-0099 to set up a consultation for your case.

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