Don’t Make These Mistakes During an Insurance Claim

Thursday, May 6, 2021

Don’t Make These Mistakes During an Insurance Claim

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Filing an insurance claim and receiving compensation isn’t as straightforward as many people think. The insurance company has the upper hand. Making certain mistakes can hurt your financial recovery. By working with an experienced attorney, you can avoid these mistakes and protect your claim.

Insurance claims aren’t guaranteed compensation for injuries or losses. In fact, many claimants have to fight to get their claim approved or receive the compensation they are entitled to. This is because insurance companies want to make a profit. If they pay each claimant fully for their claim, they won’t be able to make as much of a profit. Knowing this, they prey on innocent claimants, waiting for them to make a mistake or have an oversight that relieves them of their obligation to pay full compensation or any at all. 

The good news is that hiring an experienced Chicago personal injury lawyer to help you with your claim can significantly reduce your chances of being taken advantage of or treated unfairly. They can help you avoid many mistakes.

Giving a Recorded Statement

After you file your claim, your case is assigned to an insurance adjuster. Within a few days, the adjuster will call you. They might seem friendly and well-meaning, but they still work for the insurance company and want to protect their bottom line. You will be asked to give a recorded statement. They may even try to make you think it’s mandatory. However, you don’t have to provide one. It’s best to contact a well-versed Chicago personal injury attorney who can deal with them. If you agree to a recorded statement, the adjuster might ask you trick questions or twist your words to be used against you. 

Signing Paperwork 

Never sign any kind of agreement or documentation from the insurance company regarding your claim without having it reviewed by a Chicago personal injury lawyer. You may think you know what you are signing and agreeing to, but in reality, you might not. This can be detrimental to your claim. You could be:

  1. Signing away rights to compensation
  2. Turning over your previous medical records 
  3. Agreeing to a low settlement

Not Consulting with a Chicago Personal Injury Attorney

The insurance company doesn’t want you to involve a lawyer. Your adjuster might even tell you that you don’t need one. They know that you are more likely to fall for their tactics and accept a low settlement if you don’t have an attorney. By not consulting with an attorney about your claim, you leave the door open for them to take advantage of you. Even if you don’t think you need legal help, it’s always best to get the opinion of legal counsel.

Filing an Insurance Claim? Consult with a Seasoned Chicago Personal Injury Lawyer 

If you want to get the most out of your insurance claim, it’s essential to get legal advice and representation. You can receive a no-obligation consultation with the skilled personal injury attorneys at Malman Law. Call (312) 629-0099 today or use our online contact form.

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