Drunk Driving Is Common Over Holiday Weekends in Chicago

Monday, August 23, 2021

Drunk Driving Is Common Over Holiday Weekends in Chicago

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Most Chicagoans want to make sure that the holidays scattered throughout the year are as enjoyable as possible. When celebrating the holidays, most people want things to be festive, fun, merry, and enjoyable for everyone involved. The last thing on their minds is likely an accident and serious injuries. Unfortunately, these tragedies do often happen to people around holiday weekends, and many people feel lasting effects from injuries and losses.

One common tragedy that becomes even more common around national holidays, including Labor Day, is an influx of drunk driving incidents, as people are more likely to drink in excess when celebrating. Illinois struggles with a particularly notable increase in holiday drunk driving, as the CDC has noted that the state’s drunk driving rates are 2.2 percent higher than the national average. 

If anyone is injured by a drunk driver over Labor Day weekend or any other holiday, they should seek medical attention and then consult with a Chicago car accident lawyer


Labor Day Driving Safety Tips

The most immediate holiday around the corner is Labor Day. Chicagoans should be able to enjoy the long weekend and the unofficial end of summer with gatherings, barbecues, and other festivities. Unfortunately, when others decide to end their celebrations by driving home after having too much to drink, it can ruin the holiday weekend – and future – of others if they cause a car accident

If possible, anyone drinking should arrange different modes of transportation to get back home, whether that means public transit, taxicabs or rideshare services, or a sober designated driver. While this seems like an easy decision, many people fail to make the right choice and, instead, decide to drive while intoxicated. Police officers will be out enforcing Illinois drunk driving laws, but officers cannot catch every driver who is intoxicated before they cause accidents.  

When driving during holiday weekends, every driver should maintain a safe level of distance between their vehicles and other cars. They should try to stick to routes with as little traffic as possible and away from entertainment districts in the city. But in the unfortunate event that a Chicagoan is struck by a drunk driver during the holidays, they should (if possible):

  1. Get out of the road and get to safety 
  2. Dial 9-1-1 to send first responders to the scene
  3. With the drunk driver present, exchange contact & insurance information
  4. Document the accident in photos, videos, and writing
  5. Seek appropriate medical care
  6. Obtain a copy of the first responder’s accident report

Then, any injured victims should take appropriate action to hold the drunk driver fully liable for all injuries and losses, including medical bills, lost income, and more. 


Seek the Right Legal Help from a Chicago Car Accident Lawyer

The legal team of Malman Law hopes that everyone tries their best to stay safe, sensible, and comfortable over the holidays. But if an unsafe drunk driver causes harm, the Chicago car accident lawyers will be here to hold them accountable. Contact the firm today to arrange a free consultation and learn more about its services.

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