Evidence Needed for Zantac Claims

Monday, April 26, 2021

Evidence Needed for Zantac Claims

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Zantac has been linked to the diagnosis of some forms of cancer. Those who took this heartburn drug and developed cancer could be owed compensation for their damages. However, they must have relevant evidence to support their claim. 

For decades, physicians and patients relied on Zantac and its generic form ranitidine to help relieve the uncomfortable symptoms of heartburn and other ailments. They knew of their side effects but believed that the drugs were generally safe. It’s recently become apparent that these drug manufacturers knew the medication could lead to serious health risks, including many different types of cancer. Instead of not putting it on the market or taking it off, the drug makers continued to make Zantac and ranitidine available to the public to increase their profits. Now, many patients and their families are suffering losses due to the actions of these large pharmaceutical companies. 

If you are one of the individuals who is experiencing harm and losses due to Zantac-related injuries, an experienced Chicago Zantac lawyer can help. It is important to take action as soon as possible to ensure your rights are fully protected. 

Evidence in Personal Injury Claims

Zantac claims are personal injury claims. Evidence is an essential part of a personal injury claim. You must have proof that the liable party contributed or is liable for your injuries or losses. You must also have proof that you have injuries or losses. If you can establish your claim with credible evidence, you won’t get the compensation you deserve. A knowledgeable Chicago Zantac attorney can help you establish these parts of your claim.

Evidence Required in Zantac Cases

Some personal injury claims are more straightforward than others, making them easier to gather evidence supporting the claim. Zantac cases can be more complex. Evidence may not be easily accessible. You, your physician, and your Chicago Zantac lawyer might need to do some research to find it.  Proving your injuries and losses might be relatively simple with medical records and bills, but proving you took Zantac or ranitidine can be more challenging. 

Consumers who used these drugs frequently and over a sustained period will typically have stronger cases. Evidence of taking these medications can include:

  1. Pharmacy records (if the Zantac was prescribed instead of over-the-counter)
  2. Pharmacy receipts
  3. Prescription records from the prescribing doctor
  4. Pill bottles or packaging

It may be challenging for consumers who took OTC (over-the-counter) Zantac or ranitidine to show proof that they used it. Most individuals don’t retain their receipts or pill bottles for OTC Zantac. However, the following types of records might help:

  1. Health saving accounts (HSA)
  2. Health flexible spending accounts (FSA)
  3. Health reimbursement accounts (HRA)
  4. Rx prescription drug cards
  5. Affidavits or declarations by the victim that they used OTC Zantac


Get Help from a Knowledgeable Chicago Zantac Lawyer 

To successfully pursue a Zantac claim, you need strong evidence. When you hire a knowledgeable Chicago Zantac attorney, they can help you track down evidence supporting your claim. They know where to look and what resources are available. They can also help you obtain records from your doctor. Get your Zantac claim started with a no-obligation consultation with the skilled Zantac attorneys at Malman Law. Call (312) 629-0099 today or use our online contact form.

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