Filing a Claim after Someone Runs You Off the Road

Thursday, February 4, 2021

Filing a Claim after Someone Runs You Off the Road

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Filing a Claim after Someone Runs You Off the Road

If another driver runs you off the road, they could still be liable for your damages. Even if they leave the scene, they can still be liable. Your best course of action is to contact a reputable attorney as soon as possible.

Not all car crashes involve an impact between two vehicles. Some crashes are no-contact accidents, in which a negligent or reckless driver causes another vehicle to crash without touching their vehicle. A frequent example of this is one driver running another driver off the road. If another driver recently ran you off the road, you have rights. An experienced Chicago car accident lawyer can help you protect them and take critical steps toward getting you a financial compensation award.

Document the Accident and Your Injuries

If another driver ran you off the road, they could be liable for your damages. Illinois uses a fault-based system, which holds the party at fault for the vehicle collision legally responsible for the victim’s subsequent damages. However, suppose the liable driver takes off leaving the scene of the accident without giving you their information. In that case, it could make a lawsuit more challenging to pursue. 

To increase the odds that the police can find and identify the at-fault driver and that you can file a claim, you’ll need to collect and document as much information as possible, such as:

  1. The date, time, and location of the accident
  2. A description of the other car
  3. The other car’s license plate numbers, if possible
  4. A description of events leading up to the accident
  5. Any eyewitness accounts that observed the crash
  6. Pictures or videos of your injuries and vehicle damages
  7. Medical records proving your injuries
  8. Receipts from medical expenses, car repairs, and other expenses

The more details and evidence you can provide, the better. Your Chicago car accident attorney will also use all the information you can provide to ensure you receive a full and fair recovery for your damages.

Filing an Insurance Claim

Filing an insurance claim if the driver flees the scene can be complicated. You may want to consult with a skilled Chicago car accident lawyer to determine your steps. Generally, if the person stops or is later identified, you can file a claim with their insurance company. If they can’t be identified or don’t have insurance, you’ll need to rely on your own car insurance coverage. You can rely on your collision coverage or, if you have it, your uninsured motorist coverage. By consulting with a Chicago car accident attorney, you can learn more about which insurance coverage might apply in your specific circumstances and what rights you have.

Did Another Driver Run You Off the Road? Meet with a Skilled Chicago Car Accident Lawyer Today

A no-contact accident doesn’t mean you have no right to compensation. If another driver forced you off the road and into a tree, guardrail, barrier, or steep decline, you may have a valid insurance claim or car crash lawsuit. Identifying the at-fault driver and holding them accountable takes help from skilled car accident attorneys at Malman Law. They can help you recover damages for your medical care, car repairs, lost wages, physical and emotional pain, and suffering. Receive your free no-obligation consultation today by calling (312) 629-0099 or completing our online contact form.

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