Finding Witnesses After a Car Accident

Monday, November 23, 2015

Finding Witnesses After a Car Accident

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Chicago Car Accident Attorneys - Malman LawImmediately after your motor vehicle accident, you may find it difficult to decipher who is really at fault for the incident. The other party’s insurance provider can deny your injury claim if they believe that there is sufficient evidence to prove that you were at fault. In these situations, a third party witness is pivotal in handling insurance disputes and proving liability.

Insurance adjusters will typically inquire if witnesses or observers were present at the accident – especially if a discrepancy is present. Finding a credible, unbiased witness to support your side of the story is what can help you legitimize your claim. It is also best that you consult with a Chicago car accident attorney to help you locate these witnesses and collect statements to prove such claims.

Finding Witnesses

After a crash, most accident victims are distraught and not thinking about how they can preserve their case. First, you should always address your own injuries and then seek immediate medical attention before worrying about witness statements. Then, report the accident to the local police department as soon as you can. While waiting for police to arrive to the accident scene, you can then search for witnesses or ask a passenger to help find witnesses.

It is important to find witnesses that do not have any personal interest in the outcome of your case – and they should not be related to you.

Neutral witnesses are those that:

  • Were passing by at the time of the accident;
  • Working on a job site nearby;
  • Drivers of other stopped vehicles near the accident, but not involved in the accident;
  • Nearby business owners, customers or employees that saw the accident occur;
  • Nearby homeowners or residents.

Witnesses in adjacent buildings can also be used to help prove your claim. When you approach these witnesses, you should first request their contact information in case the conversation is cut short. If the witness is willing, you can request that you have an attorney contact them later to collect a brief statement. Sometimes you may be able to collect their statement on the scene too.

How a Chicago Car Accident Attorney Can Assist You

While witness testimony is critical for proving your claim, you can also gather other forms of evidence that proves the other driver is liable for your injuries. When you are handing a complex insurance dispute, seeking advice from a skilled Chicago injury attorney is important. The attorneys at Malman Law are here to assist you with such situations. We can negotiate with insurance adjusters and help you win the settlement you deserve. Contact us for a consultation at 888-625-6265 or fill out an online contact form to speak with an attorney regarding your accident case.

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