Five Injured After SUV Hits Veterinary Clinic

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Five Injured After SUV Hits Veterinary Clinic

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Over the weekend, an SUV crashed into Animal Ark, a veterinary clinic on Chicago’s northwest side.  Five people were hurt, one critically, and the building sustained considerable damage. The driver of the SUV said she hit a pothole, then lost control of the vehicle. Thankfully, no one was killed in this accident, however there are still issues to deal with regarding medical bills, insurance policies, and property damage.

Damage and Displacement

Jennifer Landini, a practice manager at the clinic, said that they had to move all of the animals to another facility because the building had no gas and no heat after the crash. “We’re all just trying to figure out our next steps,” Landini said.

Veterinary technician Meghan Adams said that she was sitting at a desk in the office section of the clinic, when the side of an SUV came crashing through the single-story building. She said the car “pretty much took out a wall.”

In the photos of the crash, the damage to the building looks significant, with a brick wall being destroyed and an awning torn down. Adams said that she vaguely heard skidding or tires screeching before the impact.  Obviously, this type of damage will be costly to repair and will likely cause a disruption in the veterinary clinic’s service. When it comes to vehicle accidents where property damage is significant, it’s always best to get a car accident lawyer onto the case.

Personal Injury Concerns

After the crash, two people were transported to Masonic and Our Lady of the Resurrection hospitals in fair-to-serious condition, a third was taken to Swedish Covenant, and a fourth to Resurrection. The fifth person, in serious-to-critical condition, was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic. One employee who was standing in the office area was injured, but clients and their pets were elsewhere in the clinic and were not injured.

In car accidents where there are injured people and property damage, hiring a personal injury attorney who concentrates on vehicle accidents can be extremely helpful. They have the necessary experience dealing with insurance providers and will be able to discuss what your options are regarding your eligibility for reimbursement or compensation. If you’ve been involved in a car accident and need help, contact Malman Law today.

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