Five Students Injured in Fire During High School Cooking Class

Thursday, February 20, 2014

Five Students Injured in Fire During High School Cooking Class

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Five students were injured in a cooking class this week when gas ignited while they heated hot chocolate on a single-burner stove at Northside College Prep High School. The most seriously injured student was taken to Advocate Illinois Masonic Medical Center in serious conditions with facial and arm burns, and another student was taken to Illinois Masonic in good-to-fair condition. Two other students were taken in fair-to-serious condition to Swedish Covenant Hospital, and the fifth student who was injured declined treatment.

What Happened That Caused Injury?

The fire occurred at about 10:35 a.m. at the school, which is located 5501 N. Kedzie Ave. According to a statement from Chicago Board of Education officials, spokesman Joel Hood said, “During a routine cooking instruction, there was an incident with a single-burner stove that resulted in a small fire. The school responded immediately. All students were evacuated from school for a short time until it was determined that they could return safely. An investigation is underway.” Students in the class were immediately told to leave the lab, and the fire was extinguished. No chemicals were involved in the fire. After the fire, students were escorted out to the front of the school while they waited for officials to clear the building for reentry. Emergency response was called, and an EMS Plan I, which automatically sends at least six ambulances to a scene, was ordered.

What Can the Families Do?

Parents were notified of the fire via robocalls and received a letter in the mail about the incident. Despite reports that the students’ injuries were not severe, the medical attention necessary for these students’ burns will still result in medical bills. Should the parents want to seek a means of compensation for these bills, they would need to hire a personal injury lawyer to investigate the turn of events that led to the burns that required hospital visits.  Negligence would have to be proven in order for payouts to be awarded.

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