Fractures Can be Serious Injuries

Thursday, September 3, 2020

Fractures Can be Serious Injuries

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Broken bones can cause pain and complications. If you experienced a broken bone as the result of an accident, you might have a long road to recovery. If someone else is liable for your accident, speak to an attorney to learn more about your legal options.

When you think of a broken bone, you might think of a childhood injury from falling off a bike or jumping off playground equipment. However, many fractures can happen as a result of negligence on the part of another person. Not only that, but they can also be severe and require extensive medical care to heal correctly. If you or your child sustained a fracture, reach out to skilled personal injury lawyers for help. You may be entitled to compensation for your losses.

Dealing with a Fracture

Broken bones are painful injuries. No matter how a bone is broken, it can cause serious and long-term consequences, especially if it does not heal correctly. Some fractures are simple, clean brakes. These require little more than three to six weeks in a cast to keep it immobile. This alone will allow it to heal correctly and more often than not without complication. However, it can still be painful, temporarily debilitating, and incur many medical expenses.

Other fractures are more serious and concerning. They may even lead to further complications. For example, fractured ribs can puncture a lung, or a fractured pelvis can puncture internal organs and cause significant bleeding. Some fractures can cause dangerous and potentially life-threatening blood clots. Fractures that are generally classified as more severe include:

  1. Crushing or twisting fractures
  2. Fractures to large bones such as the pelvis or femur
  3. Compound fractures that break through the skin and increase the risk of infection
  4. Fractures along the growth plates in children

These types of fractures can require multiple surgeries, antibiotics, temporary or permanent hardware such as pins, screws, or plates, physical therapy, months of immobility, and in some severe cases, even amputations. 

Types of Accidents that can Cause Fractures

Many different types of accidents can lead to one or more serious fracture injuries. These include:

  1. Workplace injuries
  2. Car accidents
  3. Truck accidents
  4. Motorcycle accidents
  5. Defective product injuries
  6. Slips and falls
  7. Bicycle accidents
  8. Pedestrian accidents
  9. Assault
  10. Recreational or sporting accidents

If the incident or accident that caused your broken bone was not your fault, another person or party might be liable for your injuries. The best way to determine this is to meet with the experienced personal injury attorneys at Malman Law. 

Did You Suffer a Broken Bone? Call the Personal Injury Attorneys Malman Law Today

We can’t change your pain or your medical outcomes, but we can fight for justice on your behalf. If you suffered a broken bone because someone else was negligent, you deserve compensation for your injuries. We can help you get it. You can schedule a free no-obligation legal case review with the seasoned personal injury attorneys at Malman Law. Call (312) 629-0099 or use our contact us online today.

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