Fractures from Motorcycle Crashes

Thursday, October 21, 2021

Fractures from Motorcycle Crashes

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Motorcycles are a minimalist form of transportation that provides the motorcyclist with a more immersive experience on the road. However, accident and injury risks increase since the motorcyclist is not surrounded by a steel chassis and other safety features of a passenger vehicle. While motorcyclists can suffer a wide range of traumatic injuries, fractures are particularly common in these crashes.


If you suffered a fracture in a motorcycle collision, the Chicago motorcycle accident lawyers at Malman Law can answer any questions you might have and take the necessary steps to protect your rights.

Common Fractures

Many people fracture an arm as a child, and they might recover relatively quickly and return to their usual activities and abilities. However, fractures from motorcycle crashes can be significantly more serious and might have lasting consequences. Common fractures include the:


  1. Wrists or hands
  2. Arms, elbows, or shoulders
  3. Hips, knees, or legs
  4. Pelvis
  5. Ribs
  6. Jaw, nose, or cheekbones
  7. Skull


Some fractures need routine medical treatment, including imaging tests for diagnosis, immobilization of the fractured body part, and time to recover. However, compound fractures, skull fractures, or other more severe injuries can require surgery (or even multiple surgeries) and a lengthy rehabilitation period. Some fractures might never completely heal properly, leaving a victim with impaired movement abilities.


Fractures can be surprisingly costly injuries for motorcyclists, and you should always learn about your rights and whether someone else should be liable for your losses.

When Another Driver is At Fault In Your Accident, You are Entitled to Damages

Motorcycles are able to use the roads like any other motor vehicle operator, and drivers should be aware of motorcycles and vigilant of how to keep riders safe. Unfortunately, drivers are not as attentive on the road as they should be, particularly given the increasing rate of distracted driving, such as driving while texting or using a smartphone.


The National Highway Transportation Safety Administration is especially concerned with curbing distracted driving, given the growing prevalence of the practice and the very serious dangers it entails on the road, especially to motorcyclists, who are already more difficult to see and notice. Other driver errors that can lead to motorcycle crashes and liability of drivers include speeding, drunk driving, and more.


When a driver has caused an accident as a result of distracted driving or another type of negligence, they are generally liable for any damages that they cause in an accident. An injured motorcyclist can seek compensation by filing an insurance claim against the liable driver, seeking coverage of:


  1. Medical bills for fracture-related treatment
  2. The costs of ongoing future medical care
  3. Lost income from missing work due to a fracture
  4. Pain and suffering
  5. Permanent impairments due to a severe fracture

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Motorcycle crashes and resulting injuries can disrupt your life in many ways. If you think someone else was at fault, reach out to an attorney at Malman Law to schedule an appointment to discuss your accident today. We can evaluate your rights and options.

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