Head Injuries To Motorcyclists

Monday, August 16, 2021

Head Injuries To Motorcyclists

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Motorcyclists are much more prone to suffering injuries than car drivers. With that said, one place where they are especially vulnerable is around their heads, even with a helmet. Contact a Chicago motorcycle accident attorney for help. 

Motorcyclists face a particularly grave risk of head trauma in crashes involving negligent drivers, a risk made 4.35 times greater by not wearing a helmet. These types of injuries can cause serious repercussions for victims, who might have a long road to recovery.

Even if they are not fatal, head injuries can still seriously impede a person’s abilities and quality of life. Find out which head injuries result from motorcycle crashes and how a Chicago motorcycle accident lawyer can help you recover financially following such head injuries.


Understanding Head Injuries After Motorcycle Crashes

Because of the nature of their vehicle’s design, motorcyclists are far more likely than car drivers to be violently “thrown” from their vehicle after a motorcycle crash and land hard on the ground. Of course, this can raise a considerable risk for head injuries, especially if the motorcyclist was not wearing a helmet.

An unlucky rider could incur all manner of head injuries, such as:

  • Concussions: These traumatic brain injuries are often viewed as “milder” but can still risk longer-term repercussions like CTE and other neurodegenerative disorders.
  • Hematomas: A cerebral hematoma occurs when blood clots outside of the blood vessels of the brain. This can lead to loss of consciousness or lasting brain damage, so urgent medical attention is a must.
  • Hemorrhages: Uncontrolled bleeding outside of the brain, which can cause vomiting, persistent headaches, loss of consciousness, brain damage, and death. As is the case with cerebral hematomas, patients should obviously seek prompt, urgent medical attention ASAP. 
  • Edema: Swelling from head injuries in the brain. Because the skull can’t stretch to accommodate this swelling, it can have serious repercussions if left untreated.
  • Skull Fracture: This is a crack or break in the skull, and fragments might damage brain tissue as well. As with the other injuries on this list, seek appropriate medical care ASAP. 

Motorcycle head injuries can be costly in a multitude of ways, especially when it comes to medical expenses and lost income. According to estimates reported by Northwestern University, the average cost of traumatic brain injury treatment oscillated anywhere from $85,000 to $3,000,000. 

That’s quite the burden to place on someone who’s already dealing with the physical and mental effects of a head injury. So if you suffered a head injury due to a negligent motorist, you want the right assistance in seeking compensation for your losses.


A Chicago Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Can Help

At Malman Law, we are proud to serve our most vulnerable community members, and we know what a precarious, vulnerable position motorcycle head injuries can place you in. 

That’s why we’ve fought tirelessly for our clients with demonstrable winning results, and that’s why our Chicago motorcycle accident attorneys are ready to tirelessly fight for you. Contact us today to learn more about our services and arrange a free initial consultation.


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