Hit and Run Driver Sentenced to 8 Months

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Hit and Run Driver Sentenced to 8 Months

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The Chicago man who pleaded guilty to two hit-and-run deaths in Florida earlier this summer managed to avoid jail time for that incident by agreeing to house arrest and an undisclosed financial settlement to the victims’ families. The man, Ryan LeVin, will still serve jail time in Illinois for a separate incident – the parole violation that resulted from his traveling to Florida to face the hit-and-run charges without permission.

“At the time of his arrest in the hit-and-run case, LeVin, 36, already was on parole for a 2006 incident in which he ran over a Chicago police officer and sparked a high-speed chase on the Kennedy Expressway. Authorities determined he violated the conditions of his release when he traveled without permission to Florida to answer the vehicular homicide charges against him,” the Chicago Tribune reports.

Chicago personal injury lawyers and other industry experts may find it incongruous that LeVin received no jail time for an incident that resulted in two deaths but will serve time for a parole violation. This was due in large part to the fact that the widows of the hit-and-run victims supported the two year house arrest sentence. According to one of the women’s wrongful death attorney Stuart Grossman, they felt it was the only way to receive the money they needed for their families from LeVin. Additionally, they did not believe the case against LeVin was airtight.

“It was a gut-wrenching decision to support house arrest, Grossman said, so the families will be happy to know LeVin will spend time behind bars. ‘Ryan LeVin will always need to be observed by authorities,’ Grossman said. ‘He should not have gotten away with what he has gotten away with all these years’,” reports the Trib.

Chicago personal injury lawyers may speculate that LeVin was not given more leniency for his parole violation as a result of the Florida incident. The review board chairman in the parole case, a former Cook County prosecutor, indicated that while he could see that LeVin was in a difficult position with his Illinois parole and the Florida vehicular homicide case, it was ultimately his own doing that put him there.

LeVin is scheduled to be released from prison on or before March 1. The time he spends in an Illinois correctional facility will count toward the two years of house arrest he has been sentenced to serve in Florida.

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