How Can You Find a Quality Nursing Home Lawyer?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

How Can You Find a Quality Nursing Home Lawyer?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

When you’re dealing with a nursing home abuse or neglect situation, it’s important to hire a lawyer who not only concentrates on malpractice cases, but one who has plenty of experience doing so. Hiring a lawyer who doesn’t have a lot of experience with nursing home cases may be detrimental to your ability to be compensated for the issue. So how can you find a nursing home lawyer who will fight for you, and now one who is just using your case to build their portfolio?

Ask a Lot of Questions

When you meet with a nursing home attorney, you’ll need to ask a lot of questions. Think of the initial meeting as somewhat of a job interview—will you want to hire them for the job? You’ll want to ask about what types of cases they have worked on before and what the outcomes have been, who will be handling the day-to-day negotiations and communication between you and the law firm, what they think your case is worth and what they think your chances are of winning a settlement. You’ll also want to find out about their fees.

Find Out If They Work on Contingency

Ask your potential lawyer about how they bill their clients. Many nursing home lawyers work on a contingency basis. You may think this is bad—what lawyer would want to work for free?—but in reality, it may mean that an attorney will work even harder for you. After all, if they only get paid if they win your case, they will be personally invested in the outcome. Lawyers who bill by the hour as time goes by may not be as interested in working to get you compensation, as they are getting paid either way. Finding out about how a lawyer bills will help you determine whether they are the right attorney for you. 

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