How to Assess a Nursing Home

Friday, December 14, 2012

How to Assess a Nursing Home

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Many people do not look forward to the day that they might need to move a loved one into a nursing home but it can be the best option for an aging loved one who needs individual attention and care. It might be that a loved one is not eating right, does not remember to take their medication, or they might become lonely and need to be in a community setting.  Additionally, there are doubts as to the quality of the care a loved one will receive at a nursing home.  With so many cases about nursing home negligence.  

Nursing Homes Provide Specialized Care for the Elderly

Nursing homes provide the highest level of supervised care for aging adults. The care provided is custodial and it involves assistance with daily activities such as getting out of bed, bathing, feeding and dressing. Some nursing homes also provide medical care for older adults that need to take regular medication. The level of care provided differs from one person to the next based on their needs. A nursing home is the best option when the personal care and medical needs of loved ones become overwhelming.

What to Consider When Selecting a Nursing Home for Your Loved One

Selecting a nursing home is an involving process and takes time. Come up with a list of the closest nursing homes that have the best care for older adults. From this list, look out for the following qualities to determine which is the best fit. This will involve making visits to sample what they have to offer.

    1. The nursing home staff and residents should treat each other with respect. The environment should encourage respect on all levels, especially privacy. Signs of respect may be clear from basic things such as knocking before entering a room.  Keep in mind that verbal belittling is a si
      gn of nursing home abuse.
    1.  The food served should be of a balanced diet and served to residents in a pleasant setting. Special meals should be available to residents who may have difficulty eating, specific nutritional intakes, or ethnic preferences. The staff should monitor the residents to ensure they get the required nutrients at every meal. Malnutrition is a sign of potential nursing home neglect and should be taken very seriously.
    1.  Quality in the activities provided. The residents should have options of physical, educational and social activities. Interaction with the surrounding community such as volunteer groups should also be included. The surroundings should be homely, and efforts should be made to keep the nursing home comfortable for all residents. The nursing home should encourage openness and random visits from family at any time to assure loved ones that there is nothing to hide.  By law, nursing homes are required to provide residents with the best possible quality of life.  Emotional trauma, including depression and anxiety, are common signs of nursing home abuse.
  1. The nursing home must be secure and clean. There must be no foul smells, and the hallways should be well lit and clear and the rooms and facilities clean and well kept.

Nursing home care will give your loved one the care they need. Deciding on a nursing home should involve the whole family, especially the elder person going into this specialized care. Make sure they understand the changes to expect and keep regular contact with them. A nursing home will give your loved one the care and peace of mind they need.  If you suspect that a loved may be a victim of nursing home abuse, consult a nursing home abuse attorney to help handle nursing home abuse and negligence cases.

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