How to Deal with Police Brutality

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

How to Deal with Police Brutality

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Law enforcement is built and empowered by the government and its people for the purpose of maintaining peace in communities. They help keep the world a safer and better place to live in. But what if the people society has hired to keep them safe and secure are the same people who are committing acts of violence? What if you are a witness to or the actual victim of police brutality? Who would you call for help? How will you handle the situation?

Seeking medical attention should be your foremost concern. If recommended by your physician or lawyer, undergo all medical examinations to clearly assess the full extent of physical and psychological damage. Ask for a copy of your medical records of the injuries and damages sustained. This information will likely be needed during future legal procedures as with any personal injury case. 

Consult with local advocacy organizations and present to them a copy of your medical records and other pertinent documents that may help advance your case in court. These organizations may extend their services and guide you with legal counsel. If there are no available groups in your area, consult with national or international advocacy organizations.  Seeking the help of a personal injury law attorney can also help in getting you the right representation.

File a complaint with your police department as soon as you can. Secure an in-person meeting with the perpetrator’s supervising officer and address your complaint. If the department neglects your complaint, consider approaching higher ranking officers until you eventually get your complaint officially filed.

Consult a psychiatrist or any other qualified counselor. These experts have considerable knowledge and understanding of police brutality and its effects on victims. If you feel uncomfortable sharing such information with a professional, talk with a family member or friend instead.

Hire a personal injury lawyer to assist you in your case. The training, experience, and skill set of personal injury lawyers make them a valuable asset for legal cases including police brutality. Having a personal injury lawyer represent you in court also gives you a better chance of winning a dispute. For example, if you have been offered inadequate compensation to settle the dispute, your personal injury lawyer may help you obtain a larger amount of compensation.

Police brutality can be a life changing event, but with the help of a personal injury lawyer you can get the compensation and justice you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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