How Will My Lawyer Determine the Value of My Case?

Thursday, September 12, 2013

How Will My Lawyer Determine the Value of My Case?

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

A common question that is often asked by personal injury victims is “what is the value of my case?” This question can be difficult to answer, and it fluctuates from case to case depending on the circumstantial differences. Some of the major factors that determine a case are the types of damages done such as permanency, future medical need, lost wages, and the overall pain and suffering. The personal injury attorneys at Malman Law thoroughly review all of the components of each victim’s case to produce maximum compensation.

Damages Done

One of the most common question that a personal injury attorney will ask of their clients is “what are your damages?” This can mean damages to a victim’s body or mental state, medical expenses, monetary damages, and or the pain and suffering caused to a victim and their family. There are many forms of damages, and each victim’s damages differ. Below is a summary of the most common types of damages done.

What are Common Types of Damages?

Permanency is what occurs when a personal injury victim sustains an injury that results in permanent loss. There are many forms of permanency that are included in personal injuryclaims, but some of the most common are losing a body part such as a leg or a wrongful death to a patient. It can also mean that a person is permanently disabled and therefore can never return back to work. To determine if your case resulted in permanency, it is best to consult with a personal injury lawyer.

Future medical need can be critical in determining the worth of a case. For example, a person who sustained an injury may only need a few months of physical therapy to recover, while another victim may need to go for year. Permanency can also factor into future medical needs. For example, some victims may need to be treated permanently for their injuries sustained.

Lost wages is another determination of a worth of a case. Lost wages is the monetary amount that a person loses from not working due to an injury. Each person’s lost wages can vary and can change depending on the future medical attention that a person receives. Recoveries can also play into lost wages. While some victims of personal injury may never be able to go back to the work that they previously did, others may be able to recover and return to their work. The personal injury attorneys at Malman Law will always fight for their victims to compensate for both future and past lost wages.

Pain and suffering is often used in legal conversation. But what is pain and suffering? The main understanding of it is the pain or tenderness that a person suffered from due to an injury. It can be hard to determine the actual quantity of pain and suffering because there is no real proof of it. However, in order to sue for pain and suffering, physical and identifiable medical injury needs to have been sustained. There are different methods that personal injury lawyers and insurance companies use to calculate the overall pain and suffering of a victim.

In the end, each case has individual components that make up its value. To best pursue the different areas that factor into the overall worth of a case, evidence is usually necessary and will play a large role in a cases success. Malman Law has experts in different areas of the medical and injury field who can complete an investigation to determine the evidence of a case. It is also important for victims and their families to keep a history of medical records, lost wages, photos, videos, or any other forms of evidence so that an attorney can maximize a victim’s case. This information is only generalized for a better understanding of how the value of most cases are determined. The best way to determine the worth of a case is to consult a personal injury attorney. Call Malman Law today for a risk free consultation. 

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