Lawsuit Alleges Officer’s Negligence Led to Rape

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Lawsuit Alleges Officer’s Negligence Led to Rape

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A lawsuit was filed by Chicago personal injury attorneys Tuesday on behalf of a victim identified as “Jane Doe”, naming the Village of Arlington Heights and police officer Mark Del Boccio for negligence.

According to the Chicago Sun-Times, in spite of the fact that the officer responded to a 911 call and found a young girl heavily intoxicated and being carried by two males, he failed to respond appropriately. Instead, the “Arlington Heights cop called to deal with the underage boozers let a 20-year-old felon and two drunk teenage boys carry the girl away without asking questions — and minutes later officers in neighboring Mount Prospect caught the males raping her in a laundry room.”

The girl’s Chicago personal injury lawyer states that the rape could have been prevented if the officer asked to see identification from the girls and the young men. One of the young men was a 20-year old currently on probation for armed robbery and all the individuals were under the legal drinking age.

Additionally, the officer failed to offer the girl medical attention or a ride home. The officer also told the concerned security guard who had dialed 911 that the girl was being taken home by the men, according to the young woman’s Chicago personal injury lawyers.

The Village of Arlington Heights is also accused of failing to run a proper background check on Officer Del Boccio. The officer left the Chicago Police department after he ran over two kids while on duty in 2004, killing one and permanently injuring the other.

The 20-year-old male involved in the Arlington Heights rape incident is currently serving a sentence for criminal sexual assault. The teenage boys were not charged, according to the girl’s Chicago personal injury lawyer Steven Gartski.

Chicago Injury Over Sexual Assault Crimes

Remember that as a victim of a sexual assault crime, you may be able to obtain Chicago injury compensation from your attacker with the help of a Chicago personal injury attorney. Also, if there were any other parties whose negligence contributed to your assault happening, you also may be able to claim damages from them even if they didn’t commit the actual crime.


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