Midlothian Allegations of Excessive Force

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Midlothian Allegations of Excessive Force

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

Here at Malman Law, we respect the work and dedication that Illinois police officers are constantly undertaking for our towns to keep their civilians safe. However, we do not accept nor tolerate police officers who commit violations against another person’s civil rights. If you were involved in a police brutality incident, call our office today to receive a free civil rights and police brutality claim evaluation.

Recently, the Midlothian, IL police force has gone under a federal investigation as reported by UPI News. The police force is being investigated due to reports of improper force being used, and the focus is based on the sergeant and his history of reported “misconduct” over the years.

The sergeant confirmed the allegations of the federal investigation, but refused to comment.

It was reported that the village received two federal grand jury subpoenas this year requesting documentation and records of the sergeant’s history of incidents.

According to the Chicago Tribune investigations, the sergeant filed an incident report “saying he used a baton to subdue a suspect after an early morning chase outside a bar — at a time department records show he was not clocked in.”  Another incident, from 2007, is also being brought to the investigation—at that time, the sergeant caused a concussion to a suspect in an arrest.

Police brutality can cause severe emotional and psychological trauma and it is against the law.  It is a violation under Section 1983 of the Federal Civil Rights Act. Police brutality does not only mean physical assaults; it also includes sexual assault, verbal abuse, violent threats, false threats, intimidation, and racial profiling. Police violence can also cause serious personal injuries and even death to civilians. Our personal injury attorneys are committed to stopping police brutality. By calling our office to receive a free case  evaluation, you can see if you qualify to submit a claim. 

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