More Motorcyclists Means More Risk

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

More Motorcyclists Means More Risk

Written by Malman Law, reviewed by Steve J. Malman.

You may have seen the signs on people’s cars or on billboards: “Start seeing motorcycles.” You are guaranteed to see them this season, and especially on busy highways you can expect to encounter them frequently. When you’re on the road and you find yourself accompanied by them, the key to avoiding motorcycle accidents is to know how to adapt your driving to meet their requirements. For any accidents that are unavoidable and not your responsibility, an auto accident attorney is the best resource to turn to in order to see full compensation rewarded.

Always Follow Speed Limits

Even if a motorcycle is speeding ahead of you and weaving between traffic, you should make sure you stay consistently at the speed limit when driving. The faster you drive the more risk you pose for motorcyclists and yourself, which is why Chicago personal injury attorneys are available for any vehicle accidents. Motorcyclists carry as much responsibility as you do in this regard, but speeding around them can of course cause much more injury to them than to you in a motorcycle accident.

Keep Your Distance

Just because motorcycles are smaller than cars doesn’t mean you can get closer to them when on the road. Unlike cars, motorcycles require balancing when stopped, and can require more space both in front and behind so they have enough time to slow and pick up speed again. You should attempt to meet their braking and accelerating needs by staying one or two car lengths behind them, just as you would with a normal car or truck. Auto accident attorneys will help you build a case if a motorcyclist is responsible for a vehicle accident when you maintained proper distancing.

Be Aware of Who’s Around You

One cause of bad motorcycle accidents can involve passing lanes without first checking your blind spots. Motorcycles are not as physically imposing as other vehicles and can be harder to see when you’re about to switch lanes. This is why it’s important to look both in your rear and side view mirrors as well as physically turn to briefly check your blind spot. You should also activate your turn signals every time you turn. Should you wind up in a motorcycle accident that isn’t your fault, qualified auto accident lawyers will be able to represent you.

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