Philips CPAP Recall – What You Need to Know

Thursday, December 15, 2022

Philips CPAP Recall – What You Need to Know

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Product recalls are often issued when a product that has gone to market is deemed unsafe for one reason or another. In 2021, the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) issued a recall on certain Philips medical device products. These Philips brand devices are used to help aid breathing and are often used in hospitals, nursing homes, and with older patients. However, defects in the product can cause harm to users.

If you suffered injuries due to your Philips CPAP, speak with a Chicago product liability lawyer as soon as possible.

Details of the Philip CPAP Recall

The Philips CPAP recall was issued because of a potential health risk discovered with the use of these devices. It was found that the foam used to reduce vibrations and sound in some of these devices can potentially break down. When this happens, there is a danger of inhaling and possibly choking on these loose pieces of foam and other invisible chemicals. This is an ongoing issue that has yet to be resolved.

Devices that Have Been Recalled

To date, in 2022, three types of devices have been issued recalls. This list outlines the main devices that have been issued recalls and may not be comprehensive. It is advisable to check the Philips recall website and FDA site to confirm and review the most updated information.

  • CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) machines that are used to keep airways open. They do this by providing a consistent stream of air through a mask and are typically prescribed to people who have intense sleep apnea in order to help them breathe more consistently.
  • The continuous ventilator that delivers a specific amount of oxygen and mechanically controls or helps patients’ breathing.
  • BiPap machines (bilevel positive airway pressure) machines that pump air of various pressures into the lungs. These machines are also often prescribed to people who experience severe sleep apnea.

Impact of the Philips CPAP Recall – Steps to Take

Many people have been impacted by these recalls. If you have been using a Philips CPAP device that has been recalled, the FDA recommends:

  • If your device is on the recall list, register your device on Philip’s recall website. You can also find more information and updates on the details of the recall.
  • Before you stop using your ventilator or switch to a different product, talk to your physician or health care provider. They can recommend an alternate device if needed.
  • Discuss solutions with your healthcare provider to see if the recommended inline bacterial filter will alleviate the issues with your device.

If you believe that the use of this device has caused your harm, it is advisable to speak with an experienced attorney as soon as you can.

Call a Chicago Philips CPAP Injury Attorney Today

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